Five faults of a career failing woman

Psychology believes that women are prone to failure in their careers, and their psychological factors dominate.

Many women are lurking with mental disorders. The most common are the following five: 1.
Beautifulness has an excessive sense of superiority. Since ancient times, it has been too thin to hit. From a talent point of view, beautiful women have fewer talents (except in the art industry). This is because beautiful women tend to have a blind sense of superiority.

From a psychological point of view, men and women have different needs for a sense of achievement. The key to motivating men to pursue achievement is “competition”, but the motivation of women is “social acceptance”, and some beautiful women often do not think aggressively and consider themselvesBorn to have the capital accepted by society, there is no need to labor to “compete”.

  2.Success will replace this phenomenon in the love society. The higher the education, the harder it is to find an object. The successful woman often cannot be a strong man behind it.

Many men want to be “inferior” and do n’t like “strong women”. Therefore, many women are convinced that career achievements will be bothered by society and take away love between husband and wife.

  3.Lack of desire for competition In the factors of a person’s career success, the sense of competition must be no less than talent.

Unfortunately, women’s psychology always seems to make them feel inferior to others. At the same time, they don’t like to rely on competition to meet their desires, and often use “I would be so good to be like that” from the comfort.

  4.Same-sex fear Mental women do not like to compete with others, but they are “competitive” in love or when dealing with same-sex. Unfortunately, this kind of competition makes them lose their existing advantages.

Some women’s own shortcomings are morbid serious jealousy, they are not good at coordinating their own favorable factors, blindly compete with those who are actually competing with them, and finally lose the overall situation.

  5.Continuity psychology is too strong. Many women always like to put on the understanding and imitation of the opposite thinking results. The purpose of thinking is only to continue the existing things, not to create new things. This is whyThe nature of women’s prone performance in those areas where imitation and inheritance are strong has also become the biggest psychological obstacle to their inability to create jobs.