Keeping Slim Starts With Old TCM

Now the 80s and 90s are all generations who are afraid of suffering, so it is very difficult to control their mouths. Of course, after eating, the weight will then start to soar, so-called weight gain is easy to lose weight.

But don’t worry, on the road of eating, old Chinese medicine will teach you some spring weight loss tips, so that weight loss is no longer so difficult.

First, if the hidden temptations are difficult to resist against the temptations of good food, it is better to hide them.

As the saying goes, “Seeing and seeing is not bothering.”

Clean up your kitchen and refrigerator and replace foods that are too sweet or aunty with low migration foods.

If you don’t eat these sweet or savory snacks for two weeks.

You will cause your passion for them to cease to exist.

Keep small cucumbers or celery in small bags for easy consumption. These healthy snacks help meet the needs of food and are relatively low.

Second, track your progress To make sure you are on the right track to your goals, you need to track your progress.


Write down how many calories your food has in a day.


Keep track of your training and how many calories you burn for exercise.

This will help ensure that you create a short-term drop in weight loss.


It’s a weekly chart of your weight loss progress.

View your progress and match your goals.

If you see your progress in the wrong direction, then you need to modify your food or exercise routine.

Third, keep slim. From the old Chinese medicine, the healthy weight-loss products of the old Chinese medicine have always been loved by MMs in the 80s and 90s, especially the “cannot be fatter” teabags, which will help you on the road to weight loss.

It combines various medicinal and food homologous plants such as hawthorn, poria, coix seed, cassia seed, etc., and is carefully prepared by old Chinese medicine.

Natural healthy diet, no additives, alternatives, allowing you to scientifically control your weight and relax your fiber curve. Continuous use for 45 days can effectively reduce excess aunts.

In addition, Changshu Runtong Tea can help intestinal laxation, improve your constipation, new organisms are discharged, and it is also unblocked. How can you worry about unfortunate accumulation.

Therefore, the scientific and reasonable method of weight loss coupled with the assistance of old Chinese medicine, in fact, weight loss is not so difficult.

This spring, let the old Chinese medicine slim down with you.