Taiji Health, a detailed explanation of the style and action essentials of Wu Style Taijiquan

The main feature of Wu Style Taijiquan is that the principle is rich, complete, and delicate, and the martial arts Taijiquan is full of strength.
The following is a narrative of the moves and movements of the martial arts Taijiquan. Let us come to see the martial arts Taijiquan.
銆€銆€Wu style Taijiquan moves: Boxing method Taijiquan is an overall movement, requiring “no movement, no movement, no static, no static.”
It is intended to achieve the goal of overall strength through the overall movement.
Based on this fundamental requirement, Mr. Wu Wei, the founder of Wutai Taijiquan, pays special attention to the quality of Xiquan, and the basics can be used to achieve good boxing quality.
As the saying goes: “The tree starts from the roots and the water flows from the source.
“Wu Yu borrowed the main points of the body law in Li Chengfen’s “Shooting Classics” and put forward the “Eight Body of the Body”: lifting, hanging, culverting, pulling back, loose shoulders, elbows, wraps, guards;Mr. Hao Yueru of the Fourth World has increased the number of moves, flash battles, tails, and stagnation of Dantian.
銆€銆€鎻愰《銆€銆€澶存湁鎻愭惡鍏ㄨ韩涔嬪娍锛屽ご椤剁櫨浼氱┐涓庢。閮ㄤ細闃寸┐搴斾笂涓嬩竴绾胯疮涓诧紝璧版灦鎵撴墜鏃讹紝灏嗗ご棰堥绔栬捣锛屽ご椤剁櫨浼氬鑻ユ湁涓€绾夸笂鎻愶紝鍒欏彲棰嗚捣鏁翠釜韬綋濡侶anging in the air, the natural state, the spine is elongated, the telescopic is free, and the whole body can be circulated and rounded.
Can raise the top, the head does not seek straight and straight, and does not seek justice and self-righteous.
The head is straight, the top is suspended, the left and right are rotating, and the lightness is good.
The head is the meeting of Zhuyang, the sea of essence, the place where Ren Duo’s two veins meet, and he leads the whole body.
Lifting the top is beneficial to the operation of blood and blood, and the qi and blood will flow smoothly. Only then will there be a sense of “full body and light weight”, and it will be able to concentrate and concentrate on the same, so that it can be shaped like a rabbit, a cat that catches the mouse, sensitive and unpredictable.The change is endless.
銆€銆€鍚婅銆€銆€鍚婅绯讳笌鎻愰《鐩稿鑰岃█锛屽ご椤剁櫨浼氱┐涓庤閮ㄤ細闃寸┐濡傛湁涓€绾夸覆锛屾彁椤跺彲鎼鸿捣鍏ㄨ韩锛岃閮ㄩ鍏堢粰浜堥厤鍚堬紝鐘瑰浜曚腑鎵撴按锛屼笂闈㈡彁璧风怀瀛愶紝涓嬮潰姘存《That is to be lifted.
The roots are required to be loosened, and the buttocks are naturally smooth. They are neither forward nor protruding, the ankles are sagging, and the lumbar muscles are wide and comfortable, especially like hanging.
So moving and doing things, light and not floating, calm and not heavy.
The whole body produces a kind of flexibility that is used in the virtual and real phase.
It is easy to make a top sling, and it is easy to “stand up in the middle of the body and support the eight sides.”
銆€銆€The chest area (chest and shoulders) should be loose and subtle. It is neither forward nor retracted, and the shoulders are slightly forward. The clavicle and thoracic rib muscles are loose and fall, which helps the gas sinking dantian.
Mr. Hao Yueru said: “You can conceive your chest.
“If you can’t cover your chest, it’s easy to get up, affecting your breathing and being nervous. So you have to cover your chest.”
However, the culvert is not a concave chest, and the learner should clearly understand the difference between the two.
銆€銆€Pulling back In short, pulling back is to naturally erect the spine?
(The shoulder muscles are not loose and can not be strained), it is the transformation of the human spine after the formation of the day, in order to seek the body’s lack of movement parts.
Before the chest can be covered, the back can be pulled back, and the movements of the whole body can be coordinated. When the spine is released, the spine can be elasticized like a bow, and the force can be 鈥減owered by the spine鈥?
銆€銆€Loose shoulders Shoulder joints should be relaxed and stretched, neither “shrug”, shoulders, nor shoulders should be tightened too far in the shoulders, so that the shoulders are stagnant.
The shoulders are the arms, and the force can reach the tip.
Touching people, the contact point should be heavy, the shoulder and elbow joints should be loose, in order to control each other, in order to be powerful, such as cotton wrapped iron.
At the same time as the shoulders are loose, the armpits should be empty and the arms should be close to the body.
“鑵嬪崐铏? arms semicircle”, the two arms are flexible, neither?
Will be crushed, and the power can go out.
銆€銆€The elbow joint often has the meaning of sinking and falling, and it cannot be raised and raised.
When the elbow sinks, the arm is contracted, and the shoulder can be loose; the elbow is the arm length, the force starts at the fingertip; the elbow wrap is gathered, the body tends to be dense, and the body frame is straight; the elbow is back and the support is strong.It is mostly used to strike people with elbows.
銆€銆€The shoulders and the elbows are very close.
The elbow does not sag, the shoulder must rise; the shoulder can not be loose, and the elbow end is easy to lift.
The qi and blood will block the shoulder and elbow joints, affecting the smooth flow of the palm and the fingertips.
The shoulders and elbow joints are stagnant, and the walking frame is difficult to work with, and it is easier for people to push hands.
銆€銆€The loose shoulders and the elbows are well done, which is good for the successful completion of the chest and the back. The loose shoulders and the elbows are not good, and the chest and the back are also affected.
銆€銆€姝﹀紡澶瀬鎷冲姩浣滆棰嗭細銆€銆€棰勫鍔?绗竴娈点€€銆€绗竴寮?璧峰娍銆€銆€鈶村乏鑴氬紑姝?鈶典袱鎺屽钩鎵?鈶跺眻韫叉寜鎺屻€€銆€绗簩寮?宸﹀彸鎻芥墡琛c€€銆€[宸︽徑鎵庤。] 鈶存彁鑴氳捣鎺?鈶佃繄姝ユ帴鎵?鈶跺紦姝ュ紑鎺?鈶疯窡姝ュ悎鎺?[鍙虫徑鎵庤。] 鈶歌浆韬捣鎺?鈶硅繄姝ユ帴鎺?鈶哄紦姝ュ紑鎺?鈶昏窡姝ュ悎鎺屻€€銆€绗笁寮?宸﹀崟闉€€銆€鈶磋浆韬甫鎺?鈶佃繄姝ュ紑鎺?鈶跺紦姝ユ帹鎺屻€€銆€绗洓寮?鎻愭墜涓婂娍 鈶存敹鑴氭彁鎵嬨€€銆€绗簲寮?鐧介工浜繀銆€銆€鈶磋繄姝ヤ氦鎵?鈶佃窡姝ュ垎鎺屻€€銆€绗叚寮?宸﹀彸鎼傝啙鎷楁 [宸︽悅鑶濇嫍姝銆€銆€鈶磋浆鑵拌惤鎺?鈶垫挙姝ヤ几鎺?鈶跺眻韫叉崑鎺?鈶疯浆韬彁鎺?鈶稿紦姝ユ悅鎺?[鍙虫悅鑶濇嫍姝銆€銆€鈶规彁鑴氭敹鎺?鈶鸿繄姝ユ彁鎺?鈶诲紦姝ユ悅鎺ㄣ€€銆€绗竷寮?杩涙宸︽惉鎷︽嵍銆€銆€鈶磋浆韬炕鎺?鈶垫彁鑴氭彙鎷?鈶惰繄姝ユ惉鎷?鈶锋彁鑴氭嫤鎺?鈶稿紦姝ユ墦鎹躲€€銆€绗叓寮?濡傚皝浼奸棴銆€銆€鈶存敹鑴氬潗鑵?鈶佃窡姝ユ帹鎺屻€€銆€绗節寮?鐧介工浜繀銆€銆€鈶磋繄姝ヤ氦鎵?鈶佃窡姝ュ垎鎺屻€€銆€绗崄寮?Hughu pushes the mountain銆€銆€鈶磋浆浣撹惤鎵?鈶佃浆韬彁鎸?鈶跺紦姝ユ姳鎺?鈶锋矇韬寜鎺?鈶歌窡姝ュ悎鎺屻€€銆€绗崄涓€寮?宸﹀彸閲庨┈鍒嗛瑑 [鍙抽噹椹垎楝僝銆€銆€鈶存墸鑴氳浆韬?鈶靛紦姝ュ垎鎸?[宸﹂噹椹垎楝僝銆€銆€鈶舵憜鑴氳浆韬?鈶峰紦姝ュ垎鎸夈€€銆€绗崄浜屽紡 鎵嬫尌鐞电惗銆€銆€鈶磋窡姝ユ敹鎵?鈶佃櫄姝ュ悎鎵嬨€€銆€绗崄涓夊紡 瀵瑰績鎺屻€€銆€鈶存敹鑴氭姳鎺?鈶佃繄姝ユ帳鑷?鈶跺紦姝ユ灦鎺?鈶锋矇韬寜鎺?鈶歌窡姝ュ悎鎺屻€€銆€绗簩娈点€€銆€绗崄鍥涘紡 鍙冲崟闉€€銆€鈶磋浆韬甫鎺?鈶佃繄姝ュ紑鎺?鈶跺紦姝ユ帹鎺屻€€銆€绗崄浜斿紡 鍙充簯鎵嬨€€銆€鈶存墸鑴氳惤鎺?鈶垫敹鑴氬悎鎺?鈶跺紑姝ヤ簯鎺?鈶峰紦姝ユ寜鎺?鈶稿悎姝ヤ簯鎺?鈶瑰紑姝ヤ簯鎺屻€€銆€绗崄鍏紡 鐜夊コ绌挎銆€銆€鈶存敹鑴氬悎鎺?鈶佃繄姝ユ帳鑷?鈶跺紦姝ユ灦鎺?鈶疯窡姝ユ拺鎺?鈶告墸鑴氳惤鎺?鈶硅繄姝ユ帳鑷?鈶哄紦姝ユ灦鎺?鈶昏窡姝ユ拺鎺?鈶兼挙姝ュ悎鑷?鈶借繄姝ユ帳鑷?鈶惧紦姝ユ灦鎺?鈶胯窡姝ユ拺鎺屻€€銆€绗崄涓冨紡 楂樻帰椹€€銆€鈶磋繄姝ヨ惤鎺?鈶靛紦姝ユ帰鎺屻€€銆€绗崄鍏紡 宸﹀彸鍒嗚剼 [宸﹀垎鑴歖銆€銆€鈶磋浆韬垎鎺?鈶垫彁鑶濆悎鎵?鈶跺垎鑴氭拺鎺?[鍙冲垎鑴歖銆€銆€鈶疯惤鑴氳浆韬?鈶告彁鑶濆悎鎵?鈶瑰垎鑴氭拺鎺屻€€銆€绗崄涔濆紡 杞韩鍙宠宫鑴氥€€銆€鈶寸嫭绔嬭浆浣?鈶佃宫鑴氭拺鎺屻€€銆€绗簩鍗佸紡 鎸夊娍銆€銆€鈶磋惤鑴氭憜鎺?鈶典笂姝ヤ妇鎺?鈶惰櫄姝ユ寜鎺屻€€銆€绗簩鍗佷竴寮?闈掗緳鍑烘按銆€銆€鈶磋繄姝ユ彁鎺?鈶靛紦姝ョ┛鎺屻€€銆€绗簩鍗佷簩寮?闂€氳儗銆€銆€鈶村悗鍧愭彁鎺?鈶靛紦姝ユ彃鎺?鈶惰浆浣撹惤鎺?鈶疯繄姝ユ彁鎺?鈶稿紦姝ユ彃鎺?鈶硅窡姝ュ悎鎺屻€€銆€绗簩鍗佷笁寮?宸﹀崟闉€€銆€鈶磋浆浣撳甫鎺?鈶靛紦姝ユ帹鎺屻€€銆€绗笁娈点€€銆€绗簩鍗佸洓寮?宸︿簯鎵嬨€€銆€鈶存墸鑴氳惤鎺?鈶垫敹鑴氬悎鎺?鈶跺紑姝ヤ簯鎺?鈶峰紦姝ユ寜鎺?鈶稿悎姝ヤ簯鎺?鈶瑰紑姝ヤ簯鎺屻€€銆€绗簩鍗佷簲寮?宸︿笅鍔裤€€銆€鈶存墸鑴氬悎鎵?鈶典粏姝ユ寜鎺屻€€銆€绗簩鍗佸叚寮?宸﹂噾楦$嫭绔嬨€€銆€鈶存彁鑶濇挬鎺?鈶垫彁鑶濇墭鎺屻€€銆€绗簩鍗佷竷寮?鍙充笅鍔裤€€銆€鈶寸⒕杞悎鎵?鈶典粏姝ユ寜鎺屻€€銆€绗簩鍗佸叓寮?鍙抽噾楦$嫭绔嬨€€銆€鈶存彁鑶濇挬鎺?鈶垫彁鑶濇墭鎺屻€€銆€绗簩鍗佷節寮?璺垫鎵撴嵍銆€銆€鈶磋穬姝ヤ妇鎷?鈶佃藩姝ユ墦鎹躲€€銆€绗笁鍗佸紡 缈昏韩浜岃捣鑴氥€€銆€鈶磋捣韬彁鎷?鈶佃浆韬炕鎷?鈶朵笂姝ョ┛鎺?鈶疯吘绌洪鑴氥€€銆€绗笁鍗佷竴寮?宸﹀彸鎶韩浼忚檸銆€銆€鈶寸洊璺充几鎺?鈶靛紦姝ヨ疮鎷?宸? 鈶舵挙姝ヤ几鎺?鈶峰紦姝ヨ疮鎷?鍙?銆€銆€绗笁鍗佷簩寮?鑲樺簳鎹躲€€銆€鈶寸┛鎺屽垎鎵?鈶佃櫄姝ヨ棌鎷?绗洓娈点€€銆€绗笁鍗佷笁寮?宸﹀彸鍊掑嵎鑲?[鍙充晶鍗疯偙]銆€銆€鈶存挙鑴氭矇鑲?鈶佃浆韬彁鎸?鈶惰窡姝ユ帹鎺?[宸︿晶鍗疯偙]銆€銆€鈶峰弶姝ュ悎鑷?鈶歌浆韬彁鎸?鈶硅窡姝ユ帹鎺屻€€銆€绗笁鍗佸洓寮?闈掗緳鍑烘按銆€銆€鈶磋浆浣撴帹鎺?鈶靛紦姝ョ┛鎺屻€€銆€绗笁鍗佷簲寮?宸︽媿鑴氥€€銆€鈶村紦姝ユ惌鎵?鈶电嫭绔嬫媿鑴氥€€銆€绗笁鍗佸叚寮?杞韩鍗佸瓧鎽嗚幉銆€銆€鈶寸嫭绔嬭浆韬?鈶靛崄瀛楁媿鑴氥€€銆€绗笁鍗佷竷寮?璺虫鎸囪鎹躲€€銆€鈶磋惤鑴氳惤鎵?鈶佃穬姝ユ憜鎺?鈶朵笂姝ユ寜鎺?鈶峰紦姝ユ墦鎹?鈶歌窡姝ュ悎鎺屻€€銆€绗笁鍗佸叓寮?宸︿笅鍔裤€€銆€鈶磋浆浣撳甫鎺?鈶靛眻韫叉寜鎺?鈶朵粏姝ョ┛鎺屻€€銆€绗笁鍗佷節寮?涓婃涓冩槦 鈶磋笍鑴氬嚮鎷炽€€銆€绗洓鍗佸紡 閫€姝ヨ法铏庛€€銆€鈶存挙姝ョ┛鎺?鈶佃浆韬墭鎺?鈶惰櫄姝ユ帺鑲樸€€銆€绗洓鍗佷竴寮?杞韩鎽嗚幉銆€銆€鈶存墸鑴氬睍鑷?鈶佃浆韬憜鎺?鈶朵笂姝ョ┛鎺?鈶锋彁鑶濊浆韬?鈶歌櫄姝ユ憜鎺?鈶规憜鑴氭媿鑴氥€€銆€绗洓鍗佷簩寮?寮紦灏勮檸銆€銆€鈶磋惤鑴氳惤鎺?鈶佃浆韬崑鎺?鈶惰浆韬彁鎷?鈶峰紦姝ユ灦鎵撱€€銆€绗洓鍗佷笁寮?涓婃鍙虫惉鎷︽嵍銆€銆€鈶磋浆浣撹惤鎺?鈶靛悗鍧愪笅鎹?鈶舵彁鑴氭í鑲?鈶疯繄姝ユ惉鎷?鈶告彁鑴氭嫤鎺?鈶瑰紦姝ユ墦鎹躲€€銆€绗洓鍗佸洓寮?濡傚皝浼奸棴銆€銆€鈶存敹鑴氭敹鎺?鈶佃窡姝ユ帹鎺屻€€銆€绗洓鍗佷簲寮?鍙屾挒鎹躲€€銆€鈶存挙姝ョ┛鎺?鈶靛紦姝ユ憜鎺?鈶跺悗鍧愭崑鎺?鈶疯窡姝ュ弻鍐层€€銆€绗洓鍗佸叚寮?鏀跺娍銆€銆€鈶村眻韫叉墭鎺?鈶垫敹鑴氬苟姝?