“Who is your kid?What does it have to do with my Xiaolan??”
Although a foolish detective,But Kogoro Mori is not really a fool。
He knows very well,With the strength of my daughter,It’s impossible for a strange man to break into the house。
So this boy in front of me,Most likely invited by my daughter。
But even if Kogoro Moori guessed the truth,,But at this moment,His attitude is still not friendly。
Maybe all the fathers in the world are the same,Have instinctive resistance to men who are close to their daughters。
His Maori Kogoro is no exception。
“You are Detective Kogoro Mori, right??first meet,My name is lynn。”
Seeing Moori Kogoro on stage,Lin En stood up immediately。
He can see that the other person’s attitude is not good,But at this moment,His performance is quite decent。
“Oh?you know me?But i have never seen you!”
“You kid……”
Although Kogoro Mori just drank a lot of alcohol,Not so clear minded,Can be a detective,The name was revealed by a boy who had never seen it before,This situation still made him frown instinctively。