In Xu Xuan’s vision,Three point guards are enough,There are more centers,At the same time that UAE was transferred to the fifth position,Mozgov is obviously redundant,The deal was signed when Xu Xuan was playing the Olympics,Did not discuss with Xu Xuan。
Mozgov in2010Signed an agreement with the Knicks to joinNBA,But after only playing for half a year, he was sent as an addition to Anthony.。After the Nuggets gradually grew into a starting center,2014-15Mid-season,Under the recommendation of the Cavaliers coach Blatter at the time,This former disciple was able to join the knight,For this reason the Cavaliers sent out two first-round picks,At that time, Mozgov’s contract was only3year1400Ten thousand。
In the knight,Mozgov quickly filled in the last short board of the Cavaliers’ starting,After the Cavaliers became the starting center,He can contribute per game10.6Divide6.9Rebounds,Set career scoring high,However, when facing the Warriors in the Finals,Mozgov did not play a reliable performance,Was still scolded by LeBron on the court。
Xu Xuan doesn’t know him well,But compared to signing him,Xu Xuan is more willing to sign Shaq.Is Shaq weaker than him?
Xu Xuan doesn’t think。
And now there is a better choice,Mozgov is a bit redundant。
Mozgov is Xu Xuan’s bargaining chip,But this4year6400Million contract.Kind of disgusting,Someone may not take it。8090Chinese
Xu Xuan is a little tired,He will be away for a while,The bad thing was done by the Lakers management。
Must find a way now,Can you pick a leak from which 旮沓窝?。
If it doesn’t work,Then you can only consider the play of three guards or three forwards,But this tactical arrangement of compromise for the sake of compromise,Really not the first choice,And very easy to be targeted。
Targeted.Not a good thing。