No potato shreds,Zhang Junmi,Chen Puppet,And Peng Peng they couldn’t help but swallowed their saliva。</p>
Craned my neck and looked into the pot,About a minute later,Best scent,Su Luo poured the potato shreds without hesitation。</p>
The aroma is absorbed by potato shreds,Potato shreds should not be fried in the pot for too long,Otherwise it is easy to fry。</p>
Add vinegar,Seasonings such as salt,About three minutes,Su Luosheng came up,In the plate,Every potato shreds shone brightly,And red bean paste for filling,Aroma。</p>
Watching the steaming potato shreds on the plate being placed on the stove,Look at Su Luo who turned around and started busy again,Reba couldn’t help but swallowed,Reach out and grab the potato shreds。</p>
Hand just reached halfway,Seeing to reach the goal。</p>
A crisp sound,Reba’s hand retracted like an electric shock,Su Luo turned around and looked at her,Tao:“Have you washed your hands?,Just want to steal。”</p>
Girl Di grievedly rubbed the back of her red hand,Aggrieved:“Don’t let it,Why beating。”</p>
Su Luo smiled,Cover the shredded potatoes with a porcelain bowl,On the one hand, in order to avoid the escape of heat,On the one hand, in order to avoid the coveting of food。</p>
Reba pouted unhappy,Fried potato shreds,This is the first dish,Two more。</p>
Celery with meat,Of course this meat is not pork,But chicken。</p>