Du Xiaohong took a shy glance at Wang Youcai http://www.hzaipeng.cn and said:“Haven’t seen you for so long,I still miss you!But my hot face,But posted a cold ass”
Wang Youcai discovered,Du Xiaohong, who is slightly fancier, looks very charming,And her two long legs in flesh-colored stockings are very charming,He can’t sit still,So whispered:“Let’s talk about it another place!It’s not nice to be seen by others in this car”
Wang Youcai opened the car door and jumped down。Du Xiaohong couldn’t ask for it,She hurriedly followed。Wang Youcai walks ahead,Du Xiaohong followed him closely。
Wang Youyoucai has been taking Du Xiaohong to Dr. Lu’s compound。He took out the key and opened the door,Because I haven’t lived in a long time,A faint layer of floating dust fell everywhere in the house。
Wang Youcai picked up the broom,Just clean the bed。Without waiting for Du Xiaohong to react,He has put this charming http://www.skyfootball.cn woman on the wooden bed。
With the overwhelmed creak of the wooden bed,The breathing of the two also became rough。The battle is over soon。
Du Xiaohong sitting on the edge of the bed busy tidying up clothes,Face red,There are fine beads of sweat on his forehead,She has an eager tone,Whispered:“Your body seems not as good as before,Why is such a short time today?”
Wang Youcai turned over on the bed,No annoyance:“I’m very upset this time,Plus I’m busy with both work,I can give you this overtime today,Already pretty good”
Actually, Wang Youcai is making excuses for himself,He was where Feng Yan was crazy last night,Of course today is no better than yesterday,But how can he tell the truth?Moreover,Men are most afraid of women saying he can’t,So he found a very powerful excuse。
Du Xiaohong arranged her clothes,Said with a cold smile:“You lie!You put your strength on other women,When I get to my place, naturally there is no strength to do it”
When Wang Youcai heard Du Xiaohong complained about him again,He couldn’t help but http://www.muyujob.cn stand up,Asked coldly:“looking for me,Speak straight!You will never come to me because you miss me”
Du Xiaohong was a bit embarrassed by Wang Youcai’s serious look,She hurriedly lowered her head and said:“I want to pay me in advance”
“Du Xiaohong!You think my Wang Youcai is an ATM,Advance at every turn,advance payment。Listen well,Can do this business with me,Let’s keep doing,Can’t be fucked,I will find someone else to do it”
Wang Youcai is really hot this time,Two of him jumped out of the bed after getting dressed。
Among so many women he knows,This Du Xiaohong is too refined,Calculate him everywhere。Wang Youcai knows this well,It’s just that he doesn’t want to point out。I didn’t expect this woman to get worse,Treat him as a fool。