They have almost three hundred talents here.,Even if Yu Zhibo spheres have also mastered this power,It is impossible to be on the siege of their three people.,Have any chance。
“Maybe you have underestimated his strength,His strength does not know how much it is from the long gate,And what I said is that he will really resurrect”Spring said。
Spring is sigh,Even if it is the spot of the transcorbent state,They can’t be opponents。
I am shocked by my love,He didn’t expect that the Quan Wei will have this high evaluation of Unexpectedrabi.,Although the strength of the long door is not fully played,But absolutely quite powerful。
“All right,You know,Don’t say it to others.,Now let’s not say something”Spring,Then look at me love。
“I love,Do you want to consider the establishment of alliance relationships with the Sky Parliament”Spring is funny。
“what!”I love。
“This。。。。I can’t do this.,And I am not a shape now.”I love to say it.。
The power of the Sky Parliament, I Love Ro is clear.,But if this situation is passed into other villages,It will also cause changes。
“certainly,The premise of cooperation is mutual benefit,As the first village with our establishment of relationships,I can help you a busy.,I think you will like it.”Spring said。
“And my requirements are also very simple,Just need to provide us with appropriate replenishment,Support our Sky Parliament”Spring continued to say。
“This is probably me or a shape,There will be many people opposed”I said helpless。
Sky Parliament,Of course he knows,The idea of spring is good。
But this also successfully succeeded,Almost standing on the five countries,Cooperate with him,It is also equal to standing in other countries.。
“Not urgent,First listen to what I can give you?”Spring said。
Then he lifted his hand,Root must spread,A small tree appeared in his hand。
“I named this as an oasis plan,As long as you can find a source of water in the country,I can turn it into an oasis.”Spring smiles。
“This。。。This。。。”I love Luo’s heart,Of course, I know that Quan Wei will。
But he didn’t expect the Spring Festival to use this way.,Oasis,This is the hope of the desert nation。
The country of the country is not developed to a large extent, because its environment is very bad.。
And the spring he wants to use the wood to directly change the environment of the wind。
I loved a burst of love.,Spring is not anxious,Quiet waiting for my Ai Luo’s answer。
“if you need,I will fully convince them.”http://www.pintong0769.cnI have been tangled in my heart.,Directly said。
“very good,After that, I will send me my borders to return to Sandy Village.,Can’t say”Spring said。
Destination,Spring is looking at the mekay。
“Tap,I want you to go to Yayin Village.,Help me find them to have something”Spring said。
“thing?We seem to have a relationship with them.”不 不 不。
“we do not have,But knowing”Quan Yi took out a document from his arms.,Hand it。
Doubtful,Then I opened it.。
“this is。。。。so it is”I thought about the identity of Quan.。
“I will also let a borders go with you.,We just threaten them,Not to fight with them,The dust of the wilderness is not good.”Spring said。
“I see”点 点。
“There is also a way you completely resurrect.,I want to ask for your opinion.”Quan Hao, I have a relatively concern.。
“Is this early?”I said that I loved the surprise。
He also thought that Quan Wei also took time to prepare.?
“Nor,This is two ways to let you choose,A relaxed,The other is troublesome.,The state of the two resurrections is different”Spring said。
“I will talk first.,The first,It is also the easiest to do”