Good body shaken by the rope

Skipping is a fitness exercise that is especially suitable for the general public and is especially suitable for women.

In terms of exercise volume, continuous skipping for 10 minutes is almost the same as jogging for 30 minutes or jumping for 20 minutes. It can be said that it takes less time and consumes more energy.

Moreover, there are many kinds of skipping ropes, which can be simplified and can be done at any time. It will become a popular fitness method in the world today.

  Skipping can enhance the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system functions of the human body, and can prevent diabetes, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, hypertension, muscle atrophy, hyperlipidemia, insomnia, depression, menopausal syndrome, etc.

Skipping can also strengthen the muscles of all major parts of the body, training balance and body agility.

The most tempting is its weight loss, as long as you can guarantee 120 per minute?

At 140 speeds, the conversion of 600-1000 cards can be burned in an hour.

  The skipping movement is very simple and easy to grasp. French fitness expert Mok specially designed a “jumping rope progressive plan” for beginners: when you first start, you only jump for 1 minute in the original place, and you can jump for 3 minutes after 3 days, after 3 months.You can jump for 10 minutes in a row. After half a year, you can implement a series of jumps (such as 3 minutes for each jump for 5 times) until you continue to jump for half an hour.

A half-hour jump is equivalent to 90 minutes of jogging. It is already a standard aerobic exercise.

  Some people think that skipping is a very easy to injure movement, but according to expert research reports, the impact of skipping on alignment is only 1/7 to 1/2 of the running, but it should be noted that the forefoot is on the ground.

However, skipping is a more intense exercise after all. Before you practice, you must do well in the preparation of various parts of the body, such as shoulders, arms, wrists, and ankles.

The time for skipping is generally not subject to any restrictions. As long as it avoids physical discomfort, please do not skip the rope before and after half an hour.

  Choose a skipping rope with a long length and weight, wear a pair of soft, lightweight sneakers, and jump on the soft and hard lawn, wooden floor or mud floor!

Sprinkle the sweat and you will be able to harvest a healthy body.