“Ok,I got it。”

“If you are unwell,Rest early,Tomorrow there is one day of recording。” “I have a stomach ache,Can’t sleep。” “……Let me talk to you。” “I want to hear you sing。” Lu Ban was startled,Sing again? Haven’t waited for him to react,Gu Qiao’s voice call is sent over。 After connecting, Gu Qiao said

In Xu Xuan’s previous life, someone rated a list of the most difficult to defend among the league’s current players。

The first one in the top two is Durant,The second one is Harden! Even Curry, who has won three championships, and Emperor James of the league, are behind these two.。 Curry is three points accurate,But if you guard him hard,Keep fighting,Give pressure,Curry can’t score every goal。 Harden is different,You let


WHAT? This stunned Qian Mingming’s fans! They have really worked hard? Crazy likes,Post,Forward,There are even local fans who have a lot of krypton gold just for steady hot search。 But the hot searches for Qian Mingming’s new album continue to decline,Fall,Fall…… Ok,If it’s just like this! When it’s ten o’clock

“You are?”

**Man was slightly startled,Then sneered,Said,“That happens,If i lose,I am willing to stay in China,Worship at your door,Learn Chinese medicine from you!” “really?” When Mo Xiaosheng heard this, his eyes suddenly brightened,If this is against Chinese medicine**Man must really worship himself as a teacher,Since then, a large number of western doctors


Medivh is a real boss,Carlos is convinced,Whether it’s magic skills or logical thinking ability。 But the lack of intelligence,But made him make a wrong judgment。 Not right,Can’t be called an error,It should be said that an incomplete judgment was made。 The Emerald Dream is far from being the key to

“grown ups,I am by the Lord’s order to protect the adults。”Brigitte doesn’t want to offend Zhao Ming, the ancient power,I don’t want to be a sinner in the Star Dou Great Forest or even the entire soul beast race,Explained quickly。

Lord?The silver dragon king Gu Yuena should be the only one who can be called by Brigitte。Could it be that she felt the breath of her ancient phoenix? Right,Only a soul beast like Dragon God that has lived for millions of years will know the existence of the ancient phoenix.。The