Qi and blood:5900Internal force:17966 attack:940defense:670 Arm strength:390Root bone:720 Shen Fa:300Savvy:41 Fuyuan:40Constant Force:40 ———— First56chapter、Cloud Crane Du Jueming breathed a sigh of relief,Finally, she raised her body to300Up,If not9Advance10Has additional attribute bonuses,Want to rise to300I’m afraid I’ll have to work harder。 Now the conditions have been met,Du Jueming’s heart is also

Qin Liang said blankly。

To avoid unnecessary danger,Qin Liang did not reveal that Xiao Yuer had found her own home,And have been reunited with her uncle and aunt to Li Hai。 “What’s your career?Policemen?” Li Hai instinctively asked。 “I am not a policeman,I am from the special forces。” Qin Liang answered Li Hai’s question

Qin Liang hurriedly agreed,But said in my heart:Then why do you buy me cigarettes!But after all, this is the first time Shen Ruoxi took the initiative to buy cigarettes for herself,So Qin Liang should still be very happy。At least Shen Ruoxi“respect”My hobby,Although it’s not a hobby。

The key is attitude!Two boxes of cigarettes are nothing,But the important thing is Shen Ruoxi’s attitude,Qin Liang got great psychological satisfaction,Face and pride。 For Shen Ruoxi,This is definitely an improvement!Because she really intends to listen to the advice of some good girlfriends this time,Actively change his attitude towards Qin Liang。

“What did you just say?”

Wen Guofu’s gloomy face。 “I said,This agreement is signed,I’ll come。” “last sentence。” “Ren Yurou,It’s just a kind of bastard born to a lady sitting on the stage,she was……” “Snapped!” Slap in the face。 Directly on Ren Qingqing’s face。 Is this woman crazy?? Ren Yurou,But the boss pointed out the person

Xia Ji hung out of bed,Too late to get dressed,Get him pain medicine,I poured half a glass of water,After repeated cooling down,Help him sit up,Took medicine。

He still covers his stomach with his hands,Frown,Said:“Lili,wear clothes,Go to the hospital。” Xia Jihan panicked when he heard it,Say:“I am an ambulance。”Just go get the phone。 Guan Hao stopped her,Say:“Do not,Back to Beijing。” She was stunned,It takes an hour to go back to Beijing without traffic jams at night,He obviously

“So hard。”

Watched for a while,Seeing that Murong Xiaoyao is always doing math problems intently,I didn’t even notice my existence,Qin Liang finally couldn’t help talking! “Wow!Oh my God!” Murong Xiaoyao was taken aback,Just jumped up from the chair! “puff……What are you doing?Want to jump to the sky?Ha ha。” Qin Liang smiled happily。

“Is a little girl like you,but,She should be your little sister。”

Qin Liang answered with a smile。 “People?Where is she?Brother-in-law, why don’t you introduce her to us??” Shen Ruoxue immediately started looking for someone…… “Don’t worry,Your sister Yanzi will bring her,But you have to remember:here,Don’t expose yourself and her identity,Any words,Let’s find a place where we can talk quietly later。” Qin

There was laughter at the scene,The entire Seoul World Cup Stadium seems to be filled with cheerful air……

The South Korean commentator smiled when he saw this scene:“Hu Lai obviously hopes to attract the attention of the referee through his exaggerated performance,But such a move can only make him look more like a clown!” “South Korea strengthened its defense against Hu Lai,Especially close defense,Use physical advantage to deal