The old couple,Really affectionate!

Shen Huan is emotional,But didn’t forget the business,“So much the better……Sun Yan,You go buy a bottle of Wuliangye later,Let the old man have a drink。Then we practice again。” “what!?” Sun Yan, who was eating melons, opened her mouth wide,“What,Sing drunk songs?” “Alcohol paralyzes nerves,To produce a certain stimulus。”Shen Huandao,“So people

Art high people bold?

I think it’s a bluff! Watching Xu Xuan’s dribbling pace and the pale complexion of his trembling hands. Millsap’s heart has made a decision,But he is cautious,You still need to confirm him before you can relax。 “I’m coming,See if I can’t rest3What surprises can Xu Xuan bring us in minutes.”

Guo Jianfeng smiled awkwardly,Then I sighed:“What do you say?Maybe this kid is more energetic?Or observe for a while?Or see when there is time,Take Feifei for an individual examination,If there is nothing wrong with your body,We can’t restrict him from studying。”

“that,alright!”Han Qian nodded。 “Back again,This is probably the first time we are afraid that the child’s hard work will affect the body.?What do you think,Why is the gap between people so big??Xiaoyi, that girl needs to be as easy as flying,What should we worry about?”Guo Jianfeng sighed。 “Who said no?Feifei


The girls were silent immediately,Staring at the rusty spot one by one,In fact, it’s also completely invisible“lighter”,Started to fall into contemplation。 “I really hope you can use your brain to think about problems,As a dragon soul warrior,Just have the courage to give up life,It’s not enough to fight on the

“stop fighting!”

“Snapped!” It is quite now,At the moment when the robbers appeared,Bullet through the eyebrow,The man never understood,These two are actually acting。 Han Xue is a bit soft,Completely unsteady,Xia Chenglong had no choice but to pass,Hold the woman around her waist:“Not bad,Learn fast!” “That is,You think Miss Ben is so easy

“Not on you,I just want to tell Min Min something she doesn’t know yet,Besides, I’m not talking nonsense,All I say are things that have happened before,You can’t deny that?”

Qin Liang smiled and said to Yang Shiyun。 “I didn’t say deny it,I just want to say:Those are things that have passed,No need to mention it again。” Yang Shiyun made a calm answer。She has done more heroic feats,What Qin Liang said,It’s just one of her many heroic deeds。 “It’s okay

Ye Tong smiled,Say:“of course,But it can also be said that she captured you。I mean you are a good match,That evening,I saw on the balcony your couple walking in the sunset,I recognized her,Then I know your current relationship。”

Speaking of which,Ye Tong lowered his head,Walk forward alone,She took a few steps,Caught up with foreign engineers,This engineer is american,Forties,What did Ye Tong say to him in English,The engineer stopped and turned around to wait for her,Then start talking to her in English。。 Peng Changyi deliberately slowed down and walked

“This prescription,Is to treat the epidemic。You take it,Let them grab the medicine quickly,Three bowls of water boiled into a bowl of water,Serve her,Her condition will get better。serious,Drink more times,Will heal。”

“This thing,Where are you from?” Sang Qingrou naturally can’t tell the source of the prescription,Even say,Ouyang Shuo won’t believe it either。 “Don’t care where this recipe comes from,You just need to know,This prescription can cure everyone。If you don’t believe it,You can let Sang Xiaoxi try it first。” Ouyang Shuo looked