“Ok,I got it。”

“If you are unwell,Rest early,Tomorrow there is one day of recording。” “I have a stomach ache,Can’t sleep。” “……Let me talk to you。” “I want to hear you sing。” Lu Ban was startled,Sing again? Haven’t waited for him to react,Gu Qiao’s voice call is sent over。 After connecting, Gu Qiao said

“grown ups,I am by the Lord’s order to protect the adults。”Brigitte doesn’t want to offend Zhao Ming, the ancient power,I don’t want to be a sinner in the Star Dou Great Forest or even the entire soul beast race,Explained quickly。

Lord?The silver dragon king Gu Yuena should be the only one who can be called by Brigitte。Could it be that she felt the breath of her ancient phoenix? Right,Only a soul beast like Dragon God that has lived for millions of years will know the existence of the ancient phoenix.。The

no way。

Young people today,Where is the time and energy to play the record? Can be downloaded to the phone for listening,Is already the biggest support。 Of course,So you can also say,《life long love》Of digital record sales,It must be difficult to catch up with the three kings。 I broke through in less


After sorting out my mood,Chen Fan found Han Wenle and Lin Junsheng first。 He has no confidence to continue pestering a few underage students。 “Teacher Han,Lawyer Lin,I thought so,Why not find a way that everyone can accept,Close this matter。”Chen Fan said very politely。 “Officer Chen meant?”Lin Junsheng asked。 “such,We also

“Tut,Really decent!”“Love Pippi Shrimp”Picked up an apple to gnaw,“mom,You’ll see how I teased those crooks later。”

“Hello sister Dai,I am Shen Huan,The private message you sent through Dong’er sister,I’ve already received it,Very busy recently and no time to reply,very sorry。 Father’s《A laugh》song,Will be performing on China TV this year。Thank you for all your support for me so long,So I specially asked the evening show team to


Chapter two thousand three hundred and sixteen Don’t bully me anymore ? “That’s good,Then I can take a bath without worry,Xiaoyun, talk to your brother-in-law first,See you later。” After Shen Ruoxue gave a few words,I really went to take a shower with my clothes changed,So Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun

At this time, mother Shu brought out a plate of fruit sealed with film from the refrigerator,Said:“Xiaoqing,Let Xiao Peng eat fruit,I accompany your father on a stroll,He ate too much tonight。”

Mother Shu said,Also changed shoes,And went out with Dad Shu。 Shu Qing and Peng Changyi stood at the door,Watching them disappear outside the door,Turned around and closed the door。 Peng Changyi looked at her and said:“How inappropriate,They came to work for me all day,Give me a place to hide without

Fucking!It’s gone?

How terrifying is this reputation,To disappear instantly into Du Jueming’s vision,Even the crane in the cloud,I also decided not to have Duan Yu’s body style,I’m afraid only Su Xinghe, who I’ve seen before,You have such a body? And the thing that makes Du Caseming feel so fucking is,Where is this