“Not hurt,Why is it easy to tears?。 ”He reached out,The action is very light, wipes the tears on her face.。

Blue Xin blinks,Tears,Let her eyes are very uncomfortable,“Ah Cheng,Help me wipe your eyes,Unbearable。” Lu Hao nodded,Wet paper towel taking a side,Can’t wipe the tears on her eyes。 “do not Cry,Is there I am??My heart, my heart is broken.。”She cry,He has no way to take her.。 Blue Xin smile:“I am heartache,She

Zearate:“If there is anything,Can let this Tang brother inform me。”

“it is good!”Lin Feng heard the thoughts:“Remember http://www.ruitongdai.cn to come early tomorrow,I have a hard time.,Strive to make a ghost king in a short time,Cut through the world,Soar。” “Inevitable is not negative,Wholly。”Yellow laughter,When you turn around。 “How many people are now registered now??”Lin Feng turned and looked at Tang Yingjun

“哧哧 哧 哧 哧哧……”Those big white rabbits allocated,Sideways jumping from the mouth from the mouth, a piece of transparent wind http://www.kljxgs.cn blade。

Even afraid that summer left hide,Shoulder and back back still,Continuous soul blood shot。 But he is not intentionally,Haha laughed,“All the brothers,Come to help,I can’t kill these multi-runes.。” Roll your grandfather。 Do you think we are a fool?。 Do you think we don’t know if these rabbits are very fierce?。 “run!!”

obviously,Now now,These people are more, the more I feel excited.。

After all, now,This is next,How to solve it in the end。 itself,Here,Not simple。 at this time,Shen Xuan,Put on:“what happened,You are this,Do you threaten me??” Shen Xuan’s words exported,Many people rushed around。 And now,These people look,It’s even a tiger.。 Even hate,I have to solve this thing soon.。 Looking at the warrior

“of course not。”

Gano,“Ear home,Even without these people,Summer also lost,You now give me gemstones.,I immediately retired.。” 耳 愣 愣,Just talk,at this time,A cold voice sounds from the front。 “Who said that I lost?。” Ruin,A movie is http://www.huoyan778.cn slowly standing。 It is summer,He is blood,But as if it doesn’t feel pain,Two colds in both

Lingju looked at Jingpu a little flustered:

“Lingjing said……Senior, http://www.discussky.cn you don’t let others into the yard……” After Jingpu heard,Smiled helplessly: “You are not someone else,come in。” Jingpu said that,Mainly those days,Lingjing and Liechun carry hoes every day to find the ground,Jingpu just planted the seeds in the backyard,Jingpu is afraid that these two people will come

“I kneel!”

Cao Zhen was anxious when he saw this,If you don’t go back to Mo Xiaosheng, please,Mo Ziqin must take his skin off。 The voice fell off,He knelt on the ground with a puff。 “All right,I forgive you,Let’s go!” When Mo Xiaosheng saw this, the evil anger in his heart also

At the last moment of the cave collapse,Xu Sheng jumped dangerously and dangerously onto the tree nest made by Jiuxinxuetang……

The strong sense of escape made Xu Sheng’s heart beating,The frequency of wheezing has also increased…… After taking a deep breath and calming down,Xu Sheng stared at the cave and plunged into the blood pool below along with the dark gold three-headed bat net.…… Few seconds later,A scarlet one hundred

In Xu Xuan’s previous life, someone rated a list of the most difficult to defend among the league’s current players。

The first one in the top two is Durant,The second one is Harden! Even Curry, who has won three championships, and Emperor James of the league, are behind these two.。 Curry is three points accurate,But if you guard him hard,Keep fighting,Give pressure,Curry can’t score every goal。 Harden is different,You let

Because although the Spurs dispatched backup center Borisdio,But this regular season only4Average points per game6.4Backup center,It’s not a score。

Without Duncan’s main defense,Shen Huan alone can beat him。 Duncan was gone at the beginning of the second quarter,Shen Huan’s breakthrough and shooting are getting sharper。 Whether it is Aldridge,Danny Green,Can’t stop Shen Huan。 Borusdio is even more pitiful,6I was deducted by Shen Huan within minutes2Times,I hit it again,Every matchup