In Xu Xuan’s previous life, someone rated a list of the most difficult to defend among the league’s current players。

The first one in the top two is Durant,The second one is Harden! Even Curry, who has won three championships, and Emperor James of the league, are behind these two.。 Curry is three points accurate,But if you guard him hard,Keep fighting,Give pressure,Curry can’t score every goal。 Harden is different,You let

Because although the Spurs dispatched backup center Borisdio,But this regular season only4Average points per game6.4Backup center,It’s not a score。

Without Duncan’s main defense,Shen Huan alone can beat him。 Duncan was gone at the beginning of the second quarter,Shen Huan’s breakthrough and shooting are getting sharper。 Whether it is Aldridge,Danny Green,Can’t stop Shen Huan。 Borusdio is even more pitiful,6I was deducted by Shen Huan within minutes2Times,I hit it again,Every matchup


Lin Yu,Made it clear,Which means to lie。 To know,Even oneself,Impossible,At such a fast speed,See your moves clearly。 Not to mention,Lin Yu this one,Just come in martial arts,People who haven’t practiced。 just,I can’t say it through。 if not,Prone to conflicts between brothers and sisters。 And in my opinion,That’s different。 In this

Ye Wenwen sitting next to Fang Hao,Squeezed on the same sofa as him,Feel very happy。

——Some men may not understand her happiness,But another way of thinking,Think about yourself and the goddess in your mind(Including but not limited to female stars、female anchor、Banhua、School flowers、Village flowers etc.)Body next to body,Is it very happy to be squeezed on the same sofa in a very intimate state?,Can understand。 Such time,She

Yang Shiyun said tangledly……

“Heaven and hell,In one thought!As long as the temptation is enough,People can complete the transformation from angel to devil in a flash,A few years,Long enough。” I didn’t expect Liu Xiaoyun to speak yet,“Skin monkey”But he answered Liu Xiaoyun first…… “Why are you everywhere?Did i talk to you?What are you talking

Qin Liang interrupted with a wry smile。

“I hope this girl doesn’t say anything that shouldn’t be said……” Shen Ruoxi replied uneasy。 “Don’t worry about this,Xiaoxue doesn’t know the depth,This girl is very clever,She just behaves arrogantly in front of us,In front of outsiders,She is still very knowledgeable。” Murong Shan said confidently,To Shen Ruoxue,She still knows well。

Ye Tianzong does not shy away,Direct surname。

And Wu Detian’s face is extremely ugly。 He didn’t expect,I actually looked away。 This is hard,Actually rich,600,000 in one breath,Without blinking eyes。 More importantly,Let Yang Junxiong take the opportunity,Fix yourself。 and,He and Sun Yongji have an agreement,Thus,Make yourself a big customer,How to step down? after all,Don’t stay here,Own Masterpiece。 As

Don’t know how long it took,Both are in pain,They have no way to calculate time,Even the surrounding situation cannot be surveyed。

A strong sense of oppression is a continuous burden on the mental power of the two,Their vision began to blur,The scene I saw is completely phantom。 “Long,We seem to have reached the end。”Mengdie’s rank is relatively low,Compared to men, the pressure is less。 Xia Chenglong’s consciousness has always been in