Tang Hongxu saw his mother being trampled on the ground,Get up and rush over,Mo Xiaosheng pointed at him,Cold voice:“What are you doing?Is the matter of the elders getting you mixed up??”

Tang Hongxu touched his swollen face,I looked at Mo Xiaosheng with a little fear,Then turned back and shouted:“Security guard!Security guard!” After a while, three security guards in uniform ran over,I have to run to the frame,But Mo Xiaosheng grabbed their arms,Smiled:“Don’t worry,Housework,Housework only!” “You let go!” The three security guards

“Hurry back,I am hungry!”

Tang Chen said helplessly,Why do you need his comfort in turn? “Good good,Eat meat today!” Tang Hao carried the prey,I feel a lot lighter。 Tang San also smiled,Change often occurs from a small place。 . Saint Soul Village Blacksmith Shop,This is Tang Chen’s current home。 It’s a simple house made

“Xiaoyun,Don’t you also hope that Yu’er can completely forget the past?So for you,We also expected the same,Don’t let us down。”

Murong Shan also immediately added a few words。 “Yep,I know。” Liu Xiaoyun answered honestly again。 “All right,This topic ends here,Xiaoyun,Remember what you promised me just now,You are a girl who will do what you say,This is what we all appreciate you most,I believe;Since you promised me,Will do it。” Yang Shiyun

Meizi replied with some embarrassment。

“Oh,No wonder you know so much。” Qin Liang nodded his head suddenly realized。 wavv “In fact, this is also the retreat I prepared for myself,You all know,The profession of police,Especially the criminal police,There are too many opportunities to deal with wicked criminals,So always face danger,Wounded and bleeding,Even sacrifice is inevitable,So

Ye Tianzong smiled lightly。

“you,Not involved?” “I participated,Pick a car,What kind of money,Dad asked me what I think。” Ye Tianzong did not passively ask,Asked immediately:“Wife,You mean to say,The car I paid for?I have no money,You even buy groceries for two hundred yuan……” “That’s also。” With Dr. Wu’s diagnosis。 Ren Yurou thinks she thinks too