Temperature is really falling。

More than this。 As the temperature is getting cold,The air surrounded by air after the cold and heat.,It’s just floating a frost。 This strange scene caused all the attention of everyone.。 Especially the members of the black,As if this cold is deliberately targeted,A shadow that cannot be described in their

Corporation is more skilled in this back.,Let it close the air,Send a brittle sound——Finally, point to the women who don’t know in front of it.,It seems that she has used her as a bamboo knife forging.。

“thank,Advocate!” Her body does not dare to move,It is like it is really sharp.,The cold http://www.songhuaer.cn sweat slipped from the side of the cheek,Wink a narrow:“terribly sorry” Follow,Her glasses are broken from the middle。 The whole person also poured down.。 Going back from the battle of the wine,The scientific license

But she didn’t know,In order to maintain such a trace of dignity,The Chrysanthemum Pass weakened Tang Chen’s strength,Said to be a good guard。

Of course this is also true,Where the body was injured,It still hurts badly now。 “The last big black ball,We can directly prove that he did it!” “The charge of attacking Wuhun City can’t get rid of,We can threaten the Heaven Dou Empire,Let them hand over people。” “To shut up!” Bibi


Medivh is a real boss,Carlos is convinced,Whether it’s magic skills or logical thinking ability。 But the lack of intelligence,But made him make a wrong judgment。 Not right,Can’t be called an error,It should be said that an incomplete judgment was made。 The Emerald Dream is far from being the key to