What is this called?

This is called pretending to be big head,Not such a big head,But wearing a super big hat,Finally lost face to grandma’s house。 “Mr Lin,this way please!” Seeing everyone startled,The three can’t look up,The groom knows,It’s time to speak up。 Otherwise continue to make trouble,It might make everyone unhappy later。 “Ok!”

Guan Hao, who was watching TV on the sofa, understood it,Mom is introducing him to someone。He had lived in a woman named Xia Jihan long ago,This woman occupies all the inner space,He couldn’t make room even if the Seven Fairies descended。

He pretended not to understand what they said,Keep watching tv。 Seeing Guan Yao,Go straight to the TV and turn off the TV,Said: “Comrade Guan Hao,Don’t pretend not to hear our conversation,Since mom meant this,Please take a stand。”Guan Yao sat on the sofa,Leaned to my brother’s side and said。 Guan Hao

But from the current situation,Start now,Don’t worry about these things for now。

But then,Such a problem,How to solve it。 Actually this,It’s really a very difficult problem。 While looking at these,The more so,Actually from now on,Ye Xuan itself,The more I think about it, the more I feel,It’s quite ridiculous。 “Do not,You can’t treat me like that。” Lin Sichen saw this,Still talking here。 but,Where’s


Woman stand up,Said with a faint smile。 “Sisi,Yep,Good name,Very quiet,Very suitable for her。” Qin Liang walked over,Squatted down and reached out to hug the little girl。 “Sisi,I miss her dad。” Woman’s words,Makes Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun feel a little sad;Another unfortunate woman and an innocent child…… “You’ve been alone

but,When she came to the gate of the military area,Found that there was already an Audi parked beside the door,She just came out,I saw the car’s door opened,Fan Wenliang poked his head out,Beckoned to her。

Ding Yi hurried over,Fan Wenliang always opened the door for her,Ding Yi came to the front,Sat in the back row with Fan Wenliang,After Ding Yi sits down,The driver drove away from the gate of the military area,Drive towards the entrance of the expressway north of Langzhu。 Ding Yi looked at

Qin Liang reluctantly chose to surrender!There is no reason to talk with girls,And Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are even more unreasonable!at this point,Qin Liang already understood。

“Say,When can we go back and see Sister Yanzi and the others??” Liu Xiaoyun started to change the subject。 “hold on,Don’t worry,Let them know each other first。” Qin Liang comforted the two girls。 “I’m so worried。” Liu Xiaoyun can’t wait to say。 “soy Mujer,It’s not that you are looking for