《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》,It was created by the leaders of Buddhism and Taoism with a group of powerful http://www.natural-change.cn brains。

Li Ming was also the founder of Taoism,Also participated in the creation,It’s in the basic version《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》On the basis of,Promote to《Nine-turn mystery of merit》。On the basis of ninth revolution,Make Vientiane Gods and Demons to Practice Basics,And start with merit,Make the Dharma foundation stronger,On the basis of the 9th

On the way, I ran into Zhang Wen supporting the injured Wen Hui,Wen Hui at first sight,Li Tianzhen’s head exploded again,He is still alive?!So I couldn’t help but stretched out my hand http://www.maicaima.cn and pulled my ear,Pain!

wrong,wrong,If the real world is in front of you,Then the mutant creatures I met before、So-called‘Lord of Seven Flames’Reincarnation、There is also the so-called God of War、Panmang、Demon Lord, everything is fake,All illusory?So how did this illusion come from?It’s just a dream? “Whoops!Are you sick!I said cheap apprentice,Did your head twitch today??”Peng Weihua

“One of them called the Witch,But he is dead.,I killed by me,There is also a name called Lewis,It is the old hegemony that I have organized.,I have been killed by me.。”

Paused,He also,“You have heard that the ninth mountain event is not,If you don’t know,You can go to inquire……”“I know。” Sword five cold channel,“That time you kill a lot。” “Right。” Summer nice head,“Those people I kill,Both is the master,There are also a few of the old hegemony,They are all people of

Kobe’s offensive moves in one go,Not at all muddled。

“So fast!Kobe’s breakthrough speed is so fast!” “Lei Allen seems to be an old man in front of Kobe!Passed!” Unspeakable,Kobe has reached the basket。 Camby grinned open。 “Haha!Kobe, you are self-inflicted!” “Get out!Camby!”Iverson panicked,He knows what Kobe is going to do。 “Schite!”Raheem was also pale,As a teammate with Kobe,He actually