“You are?”

**Man was slightly startled,Then sneered,Said,“That happens,If i lose,I am willing to stay in China,Worship at your door,Learn Chinese medicine from you!” “really?” When Mo Xiaosheng heard this, his eyes suddenly brightened,If this is against Chinese medicine**Man must really worship himself as a teacher,Since then, a large number of western doctors

Each one is a unique beauty,Each has beauty。Beauties of this level,If ordinary people can get one,I’m afraid that the ancestors burned the incense。but,Zhao Ming is the only one。Although Meng is still not his girlfriend,But Zhao Ming has already made a shameless decision。

Zhao Ming sat down beside Xiao Wu,Directly on her slender waist,Hold her on his lap。 Zhao Ming’s sudden move shocked Xiao Wu,Immediately embarrassed:“What are you doing?” “Can’t I hug my wife??”Zhao Ming squeezed the baby fat on Xiao Wu’s face,Said with a smile。 “They are watching now。”Xiao Wu’s heart is

Bah bah bah bah!

What are you thinking about? I haven’t gotten married yet,Not yet dominate the world,Hug left and right,How could it be so old?? “Ding Dong!” Fortunately, the sound of my good master,Directly rescued the boy who was in entanglement。 “Irresponsible host,Finally played a little insignificant role at the last minute,help‘Meteor girl’The

Qin Liang started acting stupid。

“nonsense,Of course not,Can only love one……wrong,I can only love Shen Ruoxi。” Chen Hao accidentally said the wrong thing,Shocked,Shivered。 “I have a hasty!Don’t you say it earlier!” Qin Liang suddenly yelled。 “What are you doing!Scared me,What not to say earlier?” Chen Hao was nervous,I was shocked by Qin Liang’s voice again。

Another slap。

Ye Tianzong hit Ren Fengping mercilessly on the head。 Hairpin dropped to the ground,Long hair spread out,Drifting in the wind,Overall look,Like a crazy woman who has lost her heart! “Since I’m here to ask my wife to sign the agreement,Then show your sincerity。” “Your daughter is talking nonsense,I tore her

Speaking of which,Wenwen’s eye circles are red,She put her head on the side of the child,Wiped tears,Said for a long time:“That’s why the minority obeys the majority。”

“Haha。”Peng Changyi’s eyes are also a little sour,He smiled on purpose and said:“You counted your mother-in-law,Suddenly changed his face,Appear in front of the child with emotion,He will definitely cry。” Wenwen smiled with tears in her eyes,Said:“I want to take him,Wang Yuan is going crazy thinking about the child。also,Now the child