After a entanglement,Li Tianchou also felt tired,But these people are quite difficult,And know how to seize the opportunity and self-protection,He threw away two rifles,The bullets are almost consumed,But not many enemies were effectively killed,This group is much stronger than the previous group of ambushers。

Must use powerful transportation,Otherwise, you will be surrounded by the opponent again sooner or later。Li Tianchou noticed a dilapidated classic car at the entrance of the clinic very early,Looks like a domestic Shenlong car,I don’t know if I can move,But try it anyway。 The owner of the clinic is also

Busy turning into housing。

Fortunately, there is inventory at home.,Otherwise it is really difficult to do.! “These you bring back,The right is to thank Xie Li.,Not worth a few money,Meant interest!” Round egg of a small basket,Inexpensive “useless,Unable!Can I have to be?,Thanks to you, you are willing to raise this dog.,Otherwise I am

Leisure,Just like the outing。

Nima score! See the three people walking on the back garden,Les feels it again,While curse the three people,Next second will be swallowed by monsters,Think about why the three people have not been attacked by monsters。 Can always be a monster?? Should not,Ghost local people smoke,Monsters habit this place,There must be