WHAT? This stunned Qian Mingming’s fans! They have really worked hard? Crazy likes,Post,Forward,There are even local fans who have a lot of krypton gold just for steady hot search。 But the hot searches for Qian Mingming’s new album continue to decline,Fall,Fall…… Ok,If it’s just like this! When it’s ten o’clock

“What i thought it was,Of course, no problem。”The Great Elder breathed out,“It’s human nature to protect yourself,Dragon King only needs to do his best,As for……You can be discharged,The effect of the Spirit Gathering Array on entering the Holy Realm or even the later stage of the Transcendent Realm is not too obvious,Nothing wrong with being discharged。”

It’s settled,Although everything went according to my plan,How does Xia Chenglong feel like she has been used。 The two met specifically and talked about something,The other party was very clever and didn’t play to his words,Because I understand that there will be no results。 Where do you come out from?,Xia

Probably because the Mengbao industry is now too profitable,Wan Ming and Hongshi have signed several child stars,Ou Baobao also saw many related reports。So now she sees cute little children,Is a bit of an occupational disease。

Yuze hurriedly stopped,“How many years has my father died,Say something about Yang Jian!!!”Besides,Normally,This should be his daughter?Think of this,Yuze has a tingling scalp。He’s pretty sure he can’t have any blood outside。But what’s the matter,Really bad, just in case. Ou Baobao’s mind is still in the Mengbao industry,Liu Qiao and Yuze

After breast red was taken away,Meizi said to Yang Shiyun。“I know,But anyway,She was not involved in this case!And the important clue of the skin monkey,She provided us,It’s a great achievement,So when this case is finally closed,Let’s not suggest that the procuratorate prosecute her!Disciplinary education,Just let her go back。Forgive others and forgive others。”

Ps:Book friends,I am Thor Giant,Recommend a freeApp,Support download、Listen to books、Zero advertising、Multiple reading modes。Please pay attention()Book friends hurry up and pay attention! ———— One thousand six hundred and ninety-six chapters Teach me to fall in love ? Yang Shiyun said seriously。Although she has a fierce temper,Outstanding personality,Jealous,But it is also a

Daochang Bai exhorted plums。

“plum,Be careful not to force operation,Avoid injury。” The sweaty Yang Shiyun also told Meizi。 Plums flushed with force,No answer,She was afraid that when she spoke,Let out the breath that was suffocated。 Standing across from her is Daochang Bai,The nylon rope is tied to that big tree,Because the rope is tied

The sitting person nodded secretly,It’s a good move to blame Sang,Seems to slap the assistant,But he really scolded the chairman Wang as a doggie,The key is not to say。

President Wang doesn’t seem to understand Zhao Shao’s nine words,Still smiling openly。 ———— Chapter One Hundred and Forty Nine invite Zhao Shaojiu can naturally see the position of President Wang in everyone’s minds,It is estimated that the collusion was done a long time ago,I want to divide their Zhao family。