“Ai Chen,You are Su Jingchen’s person,So you came to the Shen Group for the Shen Group, right?。”Shen Luoluo at the moment,I already thought about everything clearly。

original,Everything,From that night,Sister’s birthday,Su Jingchen’s first appearance,Is already a trap,And later,Ai Chen came to Shen Group,Be sister’s assistant,Everything,Come prepared,All planned,Their goal,Shen Group,Then,The death of sister,It might also be related to Su Jingchen。 Thought of here,Shen Luoluo got out of bed directly,Found clothes,After putting it on,And left Bingluo Jiayuan,Come to the


“Not staying in a tent,What did you do?” “hungry,Unfamiliar desert environment,I went out to find something to eat。” “Found it?” “Ok……No。” Ning Beizhi gave him a look,“Wipe your mouth clean before answering。” Gan Yifan wiped his mouth,Oily hand,Embarrassed:“Passing by a tent,Smelled。” Ning Bei Zhi snorted softly,“What’s hiding in the clothes?”

But in fact, he was eavesdropping outside the door just now,Not knowing the situation in the house beforehand,He dare not come in……

“Are you sure you didn’t eavesdrop on purpose?” Shen Ruoxue’s tangled question,Flushed,Because what Qin Liang heard,It happened to be Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun talking about having a baby。 “Sure of course,What do you think of me?Am I an eavesdropper??cut。” Qin Liang also deliberately replied arrogantly,He was not before,But now

Qin Liang only teased the swallow on purpose,But he saw the swallow’s“strange”After the reaction,Immediately moved in my heart,Deliberately half-truth,The words are insinuating。

“You want to be beautiful,I’m not yours,I am my own。” Swallow’s tone was actually much gentler,The posture that I was about to kill Qin Liang just gone。 “is it?you sure?That line,Then you just wait for me,One day sooner or later,I want to make you mine,Let’s wait and see。” Qin Liang

“Jianhui,Why did you talk to my elders,Yes,Your mom did help here,But over the past two years,I never asked her for a penny for food,Gave her a place to stay,Don’t worry if you are not grateful,What do you mean by saying these words?”Aunt patted the table。

“Ha ha,You ask the nanny and still pay,not to mention,When my career was booming,You buy this house,I took two hundred thousand,Xiaokun buys a car,I gave another fifty thousand,I borrowed 500,000 from your home,400,000 back,Already said a write-off,Still talking outside all day long,I still owe your family one hundred thousand,Are there

Ding Yi was said to blush,She said embarrassedly:“Teacher Lin has always been my idol,Is a role model in my career,How can I compare with the teacher?”

Lin Zhijun smiled,Said:“Xiaoding has the characteristics of Xiaoding,She came from a scholarly family,Father is a well-known calligrapher inside and outside the province、Ding Naixiang,Mother is Mei Bixin,She is smart,Restrained,implicit,I will be more promising in the future。” Although a few sentences,And didn’t give any special compliments to Ding Yi,But it is enough

Liu Mei is calling now,Zhao Gang asked her to wait directly at the Ducheng Hotel,He doesn’t want to see them crying and crying,Xiaoxia will take pictures and register,Crying and swollen eyes are not good。

quickly,Zhao Gang’s secretary, Xiao Song, came back with the police station’s household registration letter,Zhao Gang asked him to go in and greet the director of the marriage registry,I told him not to line up in the hall,One is that many people know him,He shouldn’t show up in public after he