Ye Tong smiled,Say:“of course,But it can also be said that she captured you。I mean you are a good match,That evening,I saw on the balcony your couple walking in the sunset,I recognized her,Then I know your current relationship。”

Speaking of which,Ye Tong lowered his head,Walk forward alone,She took a few steps,Caught up with foreign engineers,This engineer is american,Forties,What did Ye Tong say to him in English,The engineer stopped and turned around to wait for her,Then start talking to her in English。。 Peng Changyi deliberately slowed down and walked


Woman stand up,Said with a faint smile。 “Sisi,Yep,Good name,Very quiet,Very suitable for her。” Qin Liang walked over,Squatted down and reached out to hug the little girl。 “Sisi,I miss her dad。” Woman’s words,Makes Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun feel a little sad;Another unfortunate woman and an innocent child…… “You’ve been alone

Don’t know how long it took,Both are in pain,They have no way to calculate time,Even the surrounding situation cannot be surveyed。

A strong sense of oppression is a continuous burden on the mental power of the two,Their vision began to blur,The scene I saw is completely phantom。 “Long,We seem to have reached the end。”Mengdie’s rank is relatively low,Compared to men, the pressure is less。 Xia Chenglong’s consciousness has always been in

Daochang Bai exhorted plums。

“plum,Be careful not to force operation,Avoid injury。” The sweaty Yang Shiyun also told Meizi。 Plums flushed with force,No answer,She was afraid that when she spoke,Let out the breath that was suffocated。 Standing across from her is Daochang Bai,The nylon rope is tied to that big tree,Because the rope is tied

Ding Yi was said to blush,She said embarrassedly:“Teacher Lin has always been my idol,Is a role model in my career,How can I compare with the teacher?”

Lin Zhijun smiled,Said:“Xiaoding has the characteristics of Xiaoding,She came from a scholarly family,Father is a well-known calligrapher inside and outside the province、Ding Naixiang,Mother is Mei Bixin,She is smart,Restrained,implicit,I will be more promising in the future。” Although a few sentences,And didn’t give any special compliments to Ding Yi,But it is enough

Liu Mei is calling now,Zhao Gang asked her to wait directly at the Ducheng Hotel,He doesn’t want to see them crying and crying,Xiaoxia will take pictures and register,Crying and swollen eyes are not good。

quickly,Zhao Gang’s secretary, Xiao Song, came back with the police station’s household registration letter,Zhao Gang asked him to go in and greet the director of the marriage registry,I told him not to line up in the hall,One is that many people know him,He shouldn’t show up in public after he

The sitting person nodded secretly,It’s a good move to blame Sang,Seems to slap the assistant,But he really scolded the chairman Wang as a doggie,The key is not to say。

President Wang doesn’t seem to understand Zhao Shao’s nine words,Still smiling openly。 ———— Chapter One Hundred and Forty Nine invite Zhao Shaojiu can naturally see the position of President Wang in everyone’s minds,It is estimated that the collusion was done a long time ago,I want to divide their Zhao family。

Luna asked in surprise。

“She was going to give me money,But I have insisted on not accepting,So she thought of a compromise,Gave me a big piece of meat,I hesitated again,Considering that my mother is really too weak,She needs nutrition,It’s good to just add a little bit,So I just accepted it cheeky。” “Don’t you think