Meizi replied with some embarrassment。

“Oh,No wonder you know so much。” Qin Liang nodded his head suddenly realized。 wavv “In fact, this is also the retreat I prepared for myself,You all know,The profession of police,Especially the criminal police,There are too many opportunities to deal with wicked criminals,So always face danger,Wounded and bleeding,Even sacrifice is inevitable,So

“stop fighting!”

“Snapped!” It is quite now,At the moment when the robbers appeared,Bullet through the eyebrow,The man never understood,These two are actually acting。 Han Xue is a bit soft,Completely unsteady,Xia Chenglong had no choice but to pass,Hold the woman around her waist:“Not bad,Learn fast!” “That is,You think Miss Ben is so easy

Probably because the Mengbao industry is now too profitable,Wan Ming and Hongshi have signed several child stars,Ou Baobao also saw many related reports。So now she sees cute little children,Is a bit of an occupational disease。

Yuze hurriedly stopped,“How many years has my father died,Say something about Yang Jian!!!”Besides,Normally,This should be his daughter?Think of this,Yuze has a tingling scalp。He’s pretty sure he can’t have any blood outside。But what’s the matter,Really bad, just in case. Ou Baobao’s mind is still in the Mengbao industry,Liu Qiao and Yuze

At this time, mother Shu brought out a plate of fruit sealed with film from the refrigerator,Said:“Xiaoqing,Let Xiao Peng eat fruit,I accompany your father on a stroll,He ate too much tonight。”

Mother Shu said,Also changed shoes,And went out with Dad Shu。 Shu Qing and Peng Changyi stood at the door,Watching them disappear outside the door,Turned around and closed the door。 Peng Changyi looked at her and said:“How inappropriate,They came to work for me all day,Give me a place to hide without

Jia Dongfang stood up now,Said:“Goodbye everyone,I have time to treat,Learn from the teacher。”

Peng Changyi quickly handed him the basket of beer,Said:“We all drink too much,Take it back and drink it。” Jia Dongfang took a look,Just say:“Assistant Qiu, take it。”Talking,A stoop,Took away the half bottle of beer that I had just drunk。Assistant Qiu took a basket of beer in Peng Changyi’s hand,Walked out

Another slap。

Ye Tianzong hit Ren Fengping mercilessly on the head。 Hairpin dropped to the ground,Long hair spread out,Drifting in the wind,Overall look,Like a crazy woman who has lost her heart! “Since I’m here to ask my wife to sign the agreement,Then show your sincerity。” “Your daughter is talking nonsense,I tore her

Guan Hao, who was watching TV on the sofa, understood it,Mom is introducing him to someone。He had lived in a woman named Xia Jihan long ago,This woman occupies all the inner space,He couldn’t make room even if the Seven Fairies descended。

He pretended not to understand what they said,Keep watching tv。 Seeing Guan Yao,Go straight to the TV and turn off the TV,Said: “Comrade Guan Hao,Don’t pretend not to hear our conversation,Since mom meant this,Please take a stand。”Guan Yao sat on the sofa,Leaned to my brother’s side and said。 Guan Hao

Yang Shiyun said tangledly……

“Heaven and hell,In one thought!As long as the temptation is enough,People can complete the transformation from angel to devil in a flash,A few years,Long enough。” I didn’t expect Liu Xiaoyun to speak yet,“Skin monkey”But he answered Liu Xiaoyun first…… “Why are you everywhere?Did i talk to you?What are you talking

“Not on you,I just want to tell Min Min something she doesn’t know yet,Besides, I’m not talking nonsense,All I say are things that have happened before,You can’t deny that?”

Qin Liang smiled and said to Yang Shiyun。 “I didn’t say deny it,I just want to say:Those are things that have passed,No need to mention it again。” Yang Shiyun made a calm answer。She has done more heroic feats,What Qin Liang said,It’s just one of her many heroic deeds。 “It’s okay