Qin Liang started acting stupid。

“nonsense,Of course not,Can only love one……wrong,I can only love Shen Ruoxi。” Chen Hao accidentally said the wrong thing,Shocked,Shivered。 “I have a hasty!Don’t you say it earlier!” Qin Liang suddenly yelled。 “What are you doing!Scared me,What not to say earlier?” Chen Hao was nervous,I was shocked by Qin Liang’s voice again。

“Xiaoyun,Don’t you also hope that Yu’er can completely forget the past?So for you,We also expected the same,Don’t let us down。”

Murong Shan also immediately added a few words。 “Yep,I know。” Liu Xiaoyun answered honestly again。 “All right,This topic ends here,Xiaoyun,Remember what you promised me just now,You are a girl who will do what you say,This is what we all appreciate you most,I believe;Since you promised me,Will do it。” Yang Shiyun


Chapter two thousand three hundred and sixteen Don’t bully me anymore ? “That’s good,Then I can take a bath without worry,Xiaoyun, talk to your brother-in-law first,See you later。” After Shen Ruoxue gave a few words,I really went to take a shower with my clothes changed,So Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun

“What i thought it was,Of course, no problem。”The Great Elder breathed out,“It’s human nature to protect yourself,Dragon King only needs to do his best,As for……You can be discharged,The effect of the Spirit Gathering Array on entering the Holy Realm or even the later stage of the Transcendent Realm is not too obvious,Nothing wrong with being discharged。”

It’s settled,Although everything went according to my plan,How does Xia Chenglong feel like she has been used。 The two met specifically and talked about something,The other party was very clever and didn’t play to his words,Because I understand that there will be no results。 Where do you come out from?,Xia

But in fact, he was eavesdropping outside the door just now,Not knowing the situation in the house beforehand,He dare not come in……

“Are you sure you didn’t eavesdrop on purpose?” Shen Ruoxue’s tangled question,Flushed,Because what Qin Liang heard,It happened to be Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun talking about having a baby。 “Sure of course,What do you think of me?Am I an eavesdropper??cut。” Qin Liang also deliberately replied arrogantly,He was not before,But now


The girls were silent immediately,Staring at the rusty spot one by one,In fact, it’s also completely invisible“lighter”,Started to fall into contemplation。 “I really hope you can use your brain to think about problems,As a dragon soul warrior,Just have the courage to give up life,It’s not enough to fight on the