Fujiwara frowned upon hearing this,Chongmo Xiaosheng said angrily,“What are you telling me,I don’t understand at all!”

Mo Xiaosheng looked angry when he saw him,Smile faintly,Didn’t say anything more,Since this Fujiwara will not admit it,He can’t help it。 “you,You go first,You are second……And me,Stay at the end,just in case!” Fujiwara said to his two most promising juniors at this time,Ordered them to play in a while,Just to

Each one is a unique beauty,Each has beauty。Beauties of this level,If ordinary people can get one,I’m afraid that the ancestors burned the incense。but,Zhao Ming is the only one。Although Meng is still not his girlfriend,But Zhao Ming has already made a shameless decision。

Zhao Ming sat down beside Xiao Wu,Directly on her slender waist,Hold her on his lap。 Zhao Ming’s sudden move shocked Xiao Wu,Immediately embarrassed:“What are you doing?” “Can’t I hug my wife??”Zhao Ming squeezed the baby fat on Xiao Wu’s face,Said with a smile。 “They are watching now。”Xiao Wu’s heart is

The old couple,Really affectionate!

Shen Huan is emotional,But didn’t forget the business,“So much the better……Sun Yan,You go buy a bottle of Wuliangye later,Let the old man have a drink。Then we practice again。” “what!?” Sun Yan, who was eating melons, opened her mouth wide,“What,Sing drunk songs?” “Alcohol paralyzes nerves,To produce a certain stimulus。”Shen Huandao,“So people

“Ai Chen,You are Su Jingchen’s person,So you came to the Shen Group for the Shen Group, right?。”Shen Luoluo at the moment,I already thought about everything clearly。

original,Everything,From that night,Sister’s birthday,Su Jingchen’s first appearance,Is already a trap,And later,Ai Chen came to Shen Group,Be sister’s assistant,Everything,Come prepared,All planned,Their goal,Shen Group,Then,The death of sister,It might also be related to Su Jingchen。 Thought of here,Shen Luoluo got out of bed directly,Found clothes,After putting it on,And left Bingluo Jiayuan,Come to the


Lin Yu,Made it clear,Which means to lie。 To know,Even oneself,Impossible,At such a fast speed,See your moves clearly。 Not to mention,Lin Yu this one,Just come in martial arts,People who haven’t practiced。 just,I can’t say it through。 if not,Prone to conflicts between brothers and sisters。 And in my opinion,That’s different。 In this

Art high people bold?

I think it’s a bluff! Watching Xu Xuan’s dribbling pace and the pale complexion of his trembling hands. Millsap’s heart has made a decision,But he is cautious,You still need to confirm him before you can relax。 “I’m coming,See if I can’t rest3What surprises can Xu Xuan bring us in minutes.”