[Effects and effects of wolfberry buds]_Medlar buds_Benefits_Value

The fruit of wolfberry is a very common food. It is a medicinal material. In daily life, people often use it, like making water, making tea or making wine.

In fact, not only wolfberry is a good thing. Whenever everything grows in spring, the buds on the wolfberry tree are also very popular.

The wolfberry bud is also called wolfberry head, wolfberry seed, beet head, that is, the young shoots and leaves of wolfberry.

In the early spring, the wolfberry grows tender shoots, which are also called wolfberry heads or wolfberry buds. They have a bitter taste, but they are refreshing and can clear the eyes., Low fever, etc.

“Medicinal Herbal Medicine” records that the wolfberry head has the functions of strengthening tendon, resisting wind, replenishing tendons and depletion.

The prescription of wolfberry buds has been eaten since ancient times. Ming Xu Guangqi’s “Agricultural Politics”: “The head of wolfberry, the raw Gaoqiu, is actually a medicated diet out of Ganzhou, Huainan will not be harvested for the second time.It ‘s precious to eat.

To relieve hunger, the villagers called for beet heads.

“In the Dream of Red Mansions” Xue Baodi likes “fried wolfberry sprouts with oil and salt”, which is also a beauty dish for girls in Grand View Garden.

Lycium barbarum buds and stems are eaten, mixed cold, hot-fried, and stewed in soups. They are delicious and nutritious. Regular foods have the same health functions as wolfberry seeds without side effects.

The efficacy of wolfberry buds. The wolfberry leaves have antihypertensive and liver-protective effects, as well as immune-improving effects on the human body.

Lycium barbarum leaves and flowers have high nutritional value, and folks often use tender stems and leaves to make vegetables.

Such as wolfberry tender pointed scrambled eggs, or chopped with dried tofu and add soy sauce, salt, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil.

According to reports, boiled porridge with fresh leaves and flowers of wolfberry, plus tempeh, spring onions, etc., has the effect of nourishing and nourishing blood.

For those with astringent eyes, use 100 grams of wolfberry head and 100 grams of plantain leaf, cooked and eat; 50 grams of wolfberry head, 1 egg, slightly seasoning, soup, daily serving for acute eye conjunctivitisTimes; sore waist and knees, those with weak yang, use 500 grams of wolfberry head, 1 pair of sheep kidney, 100 grams of rice, add onions and other condiments, cook porridge to eat.

From ancient times to today, Chinese wolfberry has been a blindly nourishing medicinal material that has been promoted by Chinese medicine.The ingredients are stored in the young buds and leaves, and the whole body of tea and wolfberry is collected in one body, which is a good product for strengthening the body, prolonging life, and beauty.