Wen Guofu’s gloomy face。
“I said,This agreement is signed,I’ll come。”
“last sentence。”
“Ren Yurou,It’s just a kind of bastard born to a lady sitting on the stage,she was……”
Slap in the face。
Directly on Ren Qingqing’s face。
Is this woman crazy??
Ren Yurou,But the boss pointed out the person to help,sound,Even the boss seems to treat her very respectfully。
now,This is Ren Qingqing’s,Dare to speak so badly,I’m afraid I want to die!
“Mr. Wen,You this……”
Zhang Bowen was stunned。
After being beaten, Ren Qingqing,The five paw prints on the face are obvious,Furious:“Mr. Wen,You are too much!Hit me what I did?From small to large,Even my mother didn’t want to touch me……”
“That means your mother didn’t teach you well!”