“I have a request,Our meeting tomorrow,I don’t want the little one to know,can you do it?”
“no problem,I promise。”
Where does Jiang Fan know,After Ding Yi talked with him at noon,,I got a call from dad,Dad said,He found her a counseling professor,Will help tomorrow’s exam,Let him come back before three thirty,He has made an appointment with the old professor,Give Ding Yi counseling on time at four o’clock。Ding Yi is very happy,The homework that was taken tomorrow is her weakest,Dad can find a teacher for her,It must be targeted,After she had a simple meal at noon,I didn’t wait for everyone to finish,Let the driver of No. 1 Middle School send her to the station,She came back by car。
Originally, she and Jiang Fan made an appointment to talk on the phone in the afternoon,But she didn’t call Jiang Fan,He will rest at noon,His mobile phone doesn’t turn on during class in the afternoon。
After arriving home,She and dad rushed to the campus,Came to the professor’s office,Here,There are also a few students receiving tutoring,After Ding Naixiang went in with Ding Yi,Briefly explained a few words,Leave a bottle of water for my daughter,Said:“Dad will keep the bag for you,You only bring in the notebook and pen,I’m waiting for you outside。”
Ding Yi didn’t think so much,So he handed the bag with the phone to dad。
Ding Naixiang showed her daughter the bag,Sitting on a chair in the corridor,Suddenly there is a long-lost warm feeling,This reminded him of his daughter’s childhood,He sent his daughter to the Primary School of Beijing University,At that time,He just transferred back to Langzhu,Became a professor at Beijing University,Jingda Primary School is in the courtyard of the old family,They lived in the old house in the west,every day,He used his bicycle to carry his daughter to school,Every day I arrive at the unit one hour earlier than others,I will go home more than an hour late。No matter how cold it is,Unless he travels on business or attends a pen conference,The rest of the time is mostly like this。
later,Daughter learned to ride a bicycle,But they still dare not let their daughter go to school alone,They will still accompany their daughter to and from school,that time,My daughter has never been alone,Either father or mother,Anyway, when I have no one。but,This situation gradually changed,That’s after her mother died……
Thought of here,The old professor felt uncomfortable for a while,He felt that after he remarried,I’m not as dedicated to my daughter as before,He remembered,Only when my daughter was taking the entrance exam,He accompanied his daughter to the examination room,I accompanied my daughter to the college entrance examination,I no longer remember when he was with his daughter……
When the old professor recalled the past,There was a vibration from my daughter’s bag,He knew it was his daughter’s cell phone,Took a look,See above is“Jiang Yang Robber”A few words,He frowned and wondered,Jiang Fan is the only one who can make her daughter not enter her real name,then,He answered the phone without hesitation,It really is Jiang Fan。
Yes,As a father,He decided to have a good talk with this man,He believes,A mayor,Still feel ashamed,Since he can’t give his daughter the future,Don’t be entangled and delay your daughter’s youth。
all of these,Ding Yi who is listening to the class inside doesn’t know。When she comes out,Dad still holding his bag,Leaning on the chair with eyes closed,Seems to be asleep。