Mother Shu said,Also changed shoes,And went out with Dad Shu。
Shu Qing and Peng Changyi stood at the door,Watching them disappear outside the door,Turned around and closed the door。
Peng Changyi looked at her and said:“How inappropriate,They came to work for me all day,Give me a place to hide without rest after eating,Ugh,Really inappropriate。”
Shu Qing smiled,Said:“That’s right,I am still wondering,Why did my father suddenly have high blood sugar without taking a walk after a meal?,So I made room for you?Haha。”
Peng Changyi gave her a sideways look,Said:“Still laughing,You are ignorant,Stop them。”
Shu Qing continued to laugh at the club:“Since they are willing to spare time for their daughter,Explain that they are very satisfied with you,otherwise,Won’t make room for you。”
Although Peng Changyi doesn’t deny her words,But he was deliberately humble,Said:“how do you know?Maybe they don’t want to look at me more。”
Shu Qing served fruit,Sitting beside Peng Changyi,Peel off the film,Give Peng Changyi a piece of dragon fruit with a toothpick,Said:“Of course I do,Aunt Zhang, my mother’s colleague, introduced me to a friend two years ago,Also came to my house to meet at night,Aunt Zhang, they said,If the second elder looks satisfied,They just walked out for five minutes,If you look dissatisfied,Eviction order。But mom said,We respect Xiaoqing’s opinion,Everything is based on her。”
“The results of it?”Peng Changyi asked。
Shu Qing said:“result,While I go back to the house,Mother chased me into the house,Ask me what is my attitude,I shook my head at her,Mother will understand,I told Aunt Zhang after I came out:So be it today,The two young men also met,If they are destined, keep in touch,If there is no fate, we will go our own way。Mom said afterwards,I don’t worry about giving my daughter to a man who doesn’t understand,Even if two people are fate, she won’t,She said she was worried。”
Peng Changyi exclaimed:“You have a good mother,In our place,When introducing the object,I always let two people sit alone for a while at the first meeting,If at home,Parents will come out and leave them alone time,If it’s outside a tea house or coffee shop,The introducer and family will also come out,Let two people talk separately,Exchange opinions,Customary,Go to your mother and change the constitution,It means that your mother loves your daughter so much,Worried about you being hurt。”
Shu Qing said:“Yes,Mom said so many times,She also knows,Anyone introduced by acquaintances,Mostly people who know,I don’t know people and don’t introduce me,But mom said she just couldn’t leave her daughter in a stranger’s space,She just doesn’t worry。Dad said she was paranoid,Mom knows she is too much,But still can’t change。and so,Mom can take the initiative to make time for you this time,It means you are assured。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“I’m so lucky……”
He said,Just took Shu Qing’s shoulders,Let her upper body lean in her arms。
Shu Qing’s heart jumped,But she didn’t reject him,But nestled in his arms,Just like the first time I cuddled with Peng Changyi,She felt Peng Changyi’s sonorous heartbeat。
Shu Qing put her ear on his left chest,Speak softly:“Your heart beats so fast,Are you nervous??”
Peng Changyi is really nervous,After all, at her house,Just answer honestly:“Yes,Kind of。”