After sorting out my mood,Chen Fan found Han Wenle and Lin Junsheng first。
He has no confidence to continue pestering a few underage students。
“Teacher Han,Lawyer Lin,I thought so,Why not find a way that everyone can accept,Close this matter。”Chen Fan said very politely。
“Officer Chen meant?”Lin Junsheng asked。
“such,We also come forward to do each other’s work,See if you lose some money,We don’t follow the procedure anymore,Everyone settled the matter privately。Online,Please also raise your hands high。”
Chen Fan’s posture is very low。
no solution anymore。
This step by step,Are all shameless。
of course,For Chen Fan,He didn’t think Wang Yufei did anything wrong,Even take some risks in this way,but,Go ahead and end this matter。
“what?We have to lose money to those hooligans?”Han Wen is happy。
“After all, they beat them like that。”
“Officer Chen,I really can’t say that,Everything has a reason,I don’t think it doesn’t matter if you don’t have money,But if we lose money,Does it mean admitting that I did something wrong?”Lu Yuxin, who has been sitting quietly next to her, spoke。
“Ok?”Chen Fan looked at this girl。