Lord?The silver dragon king Gu Yuena should be the only one who can be called by Brigitte。Could it be that she felt the breath of her ancient phoenix?
Right,Only a soul beast like Dragon God that has lived for millions of years will know the existence of the ancient phoenix.。The Silver Dragon King has half of the Dragon God’s body,Naturally there will be memories of the Dragon God。
“Hehe,I did not analyze it wrong, right。I guess Brigitte may have reborn you as an ancient phoenix。The blood of the ancient phoenix is absolutely noble in the soul beast world,That’s why Brigitte is so respectful to you。”In mind,The system’s wretched voice sounded。
“not bad,If your system family has a favorable system,I will give you a five-star praise。From now on,You’re my leading sergeant。”
“I bother,You are a dog。”Heard what Zhao Ming said,The smile of the system stopped abruptly,Said angrily。
Consciously returned to the outside world。Now I know what Brigitte and their intentions are,He doesn’t panic anymore!Even he can use this identity to pretend!
Looking at Brigitte who was a little worried,Zhao Ming couldn’t help but feel satisfied。This is a fierce beast of 570,000 years!The existence of mainland fierce beasts that can be ranked in the top five!
Seeing such a powerful beast showing such a panic in front of him。Zhao Ming smiled playfully。
“The lord you said,Could it be the silver dragon hiding in the Star Dou Forest?”
“Senior, you know the Lord’s existence?”Brigitte couldn’t help but swallowed saliva,She didn’t expect that the Lord’s existence would be known to Zhao Ming。The ancient phoenix is so powerful?I have just felt the Lord’s existence just after recovering。
really,Such ancient powerhouses are unfathomable existence。
“Humph,I not only know her existence,I also know she is not doing well now。Back then, the Dragon God was defeated by the gods,God Shura cut it in half with a sword。Only half of them came out,This half is the Silver Dragon King。”Zhao Ming said inexplicably。He who is familiar with the plot of the original book doesn’t know much about these things.。
But Brigitte doesn’t know these things。She also learned of the existence of Silver Dragon King Gu Yuena through the emperor genius,Only slowly came into contact with Gu Yuena later。But Gu Yuena never told them such a taboo。
Hear now,There is both resentment towards the gods of the gods and shock at these taboos。But more is the awe of Zhao Ming。
“Brigitte,What is going on with you?How do you treat a human……”
Tian Meng now looks at Zhao Ming’s eyes completely changed。He spent a long time in the Star Dou Great Forest,I know Brigitte’s identity very well。Although the combat effectiveness is not particularly high,But as an advanced soul beast that saves the dead,It has a good relationship with almost all the powerful beasts in the Star Dou Great Forest。In the star forest,It can be said that Di Tian is Brigitte the most prestigious。