“If you are unwell,Rest early,Tomorrow there is one day of recording。”
“I have a stomach ache,Can’t sleep。”
“……Let me talk to you。”
“I want to hear you sing。”
Lu Ban was startled,Sing again?
Haven’t waited for him to react,Gu Qiao’s voice call is sent over。
After connecting,
Gu Qiao said lightly:“You sing……”
Lu Ban guessed that Gu Qiao might be uncomfortable,So I’m not willing to talk,So he stopped looking for topics,Cleared his throat,Began to sing slowly。
“I knocked my head on the ground,Can you save some face……”
“You will know at a certain age,Life alone is really tough……”
“Want to see you smile,Want to make trouble with you,Want to hug you into my arms……”
I don’t know how long I sang,I don’t know when to start。
Ban Lu heard the phone,There was a slight snoring sound。
the next day。
Wang Hongtao discovered,He doesn’t seem to need to promote this show。