new York。
Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets!
This year’s draft is held here!
This draft is considered by most people to be10The best performance in the year,Draft year。
Many players are also known as the stars of tomorrow!
The promising new university stars include:Andrew·Wiggins、Jabari·Parker、Marcus·Smart、Julius·Randall、Aron·Gordon、T·J·Warren、Noah·Feng Lai、Joel·Embiid and Taylor·Ennis。
Other promising players,Including Australia’s Dante·Exam and Doug about to graduate from college·Mike Dermot。
But in fact, there are not many players in this class,Counting to the end is the great deal, the teacher is not bad and has become the team’s top card。
Others, including champion Wiggins, are actually a little bit watery。
In the previous lottery,No accident。
The Cleveland Cavaliers win the No. 1 pick in the draft draw,two、The three picks are Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia76people!
And this draft draw is the second consecutive year the Cavaliers have won the No. 1 pick.!
At the same time, it is their third time in four years.!
This luck,Tut,No one else!