Guo Meili responded,Just walk away。A stack of data,All documents related to reimbursement,There are some fees,Xia Jian signed for a while,So I called Wang Lin。
Wang Lin on the phone started working as soon as Xia Jian arrived in Pingdu without eating any food.,She said a little unhappy:“I don’t recommend your practice,You’d better eat first and then rest,I’ll talk about it tomorrow”
“it is good!I’ll listen to you,I have something to communicate with you,Approval of reimbursement expenses,Should the authority be delegated?I am also the group boss anyway。Is it a bit unnecessary to do such a thing every day??”Xia Jian said to Wang Lin on the phone。
Wang Lin paused and said:“These are the original approval procedures of the group,How about this!You set a quota,We meet to discuss,After that, revise these procedures”
“I think,Approval of expenses below 100,000,I don’t need to sign,But the financial side needs to be checked from time to time,At the same time, some relevant penalties are formulated,This way my workload is reduced,At the same time, it will not affect everyone’s work progress”Xia Jian signed and approved the order,While talking to Wang Lin on the phone。
Wang Lin responded:“it is good!I wrote it down,Immediately meet to perfect”
Hang up the phone,Xia Jian signed for about an hour,All the backlogs on hand are finally signed,He put aside some of the problems。
Xia Jiangang stood up,Guo Meili walked in,She smiled and said:“Everyone is waiting for you”
Xia Jian moved a little tired,And followed Guo Meili into the meeting room,As soon as he sits down,Everyone shouted in unison:“Mr. Xia!”
“Hello everyone!Meeting started”Xia Jian smiled slightly,Turn around and say to Guo Meili。
Guo Meili first made a summary report,Affirmed the results of this year,And pointed out the shortcomings,I also gave a brief overview of the work plan for the next year。Next, the heads of each department gave their opinions,Anyway, everyone is very motivated,Because they saw the strength of the entrepreneurial group。
Finally, Xia Jian verbally praised outstanding employees who have made outstanding contributions to work.,Then announced that they will have the opportunity to enter the selection of outstanding employees of the group,This makes everyone confident。
The meeting is not over yet,Xia Jian received a call from Ouyang Hong,Ouyang Hong on the phone is very angry,She didn’t talk to Xia Jian,He said straightforwardly:“I’m going to Pingyang Town,Do you love to go”
“Of course I went,You wait for me at the gate of the city hall,I drive to pick you up”Xia Jian while walking,While talking to Ouyang Hong on the phone。
Ouyang Hong said coldly:“No need to!All the cadres in the town have arrived,Just wait for the two of us,it depends on you!”Ouyang Hong finished,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Hung up。