8 benefits of washing your face with salt water to remove dirt and dead skin

In daily life, I believe many people value skin care, but do you know some skin care tips?

Washing your face with salt water is a great magic weapon for skin care. What are the benefits of washing your face with salt water?

Let ‘s take a look at the benefits of washing your face with salt water.

  1. Can remove dirt. Washing the face with salt water has a good effect of cleaning and removing dirt. Mix a small spoon of fine salt with 3 to 5 drops of water, gently gently evenly with your fingers, and then lift it from your forehead.Gently massage on the end surface from top to bottom, after a few minutes, until the salt particles at both ends are white powder, wash with warm water.

  2. Brighten skin tone, smooth skin, wash your face, put a small spoon of fine salt in the palm of your hand and add 3-5 drops of water, then use your fingers to stir the salt and water evenly, then dipped in salt water from the forehead to the bottomWipe it and massage it in a circular motion.

After a few minutes, when the dried hay is white and powdery, wash your face with warm water, apply a moisturizing lotion, or continue with normal skin care steps.

Always wash your face once every morning and evening.

After a week, you can see that the race has improved significantly and the skin is obviously tender and smooth!

  3, can effectively control the oil in the T-shaped area. Our T-shaped area is often the place where the most oil is released, especially for people with oily skin, which causes the skin to maintain the oily state. It does not prevent the use of saline to control the oil.Rub a small amount of fine salt on the skin and massage for a few minutes, then rest for 3 minutes. Use the middle finger flank on both sides of the nose to perform an interventional massage from bottom to top. If you insist on doing this, you will find that the amount of oil is really less.

  4. Quickly remove dead skin. Dead skin on the skin can also be eliminated by washing the face with salt. It can effectively help remove dead skin and make the skin more lubricated when the salt is semi-dissolved. Therefore, you can use salt to massage the whole body in the bath.The skin, which not only effectively cleans the pores of the skin, but also makes the skin more delicate and moisturized.

  5. Wash the face with salt water for anti-inflammatory and sterilization of the skin, which is actually anti-inflammatory and sterilization for the entire face skin. It must be avoided to prevent the occurrence of acne. The chance of acne in the body is naturally less.Acne, it also has a certain effect. When bathing, warm the body to open the pores of the body, then absorb the salt on the back and gently massage with a bath brush for about 1 minute, and then use a sponge or the likeSoft things should be covered with saline solution and put on the back for 10 minutes, then rinse with water.

  6. Remove dark spots and apply salt to the body with water. Massage for 1 minute. The force is the same as when washing your face. Use the nose as the center to draw a large circle from the bottom to the top of the cheeks.

Then rub your fingertips in circular motions on the dark spots.

It can effectively remove dark spots after one month.

  7. Effectively remove blackheads and wash your face before the skin is dry, apply salt (to add fine salt) on the nose and massage in circles, you will feel the salt slowly melt, continue to massage, wash with water after ten minutes!!

After launching, you will notice significantly fewer blackheads.

Note that this method is not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

  8. Salt can be poured into warm eyes with warm water, add an appropriate amount of salt, melt it, and soak your face in salt water. At this time, open your eyes and roll your eyes subconsciously up, down, left and right. The purpose is toLet the faint saline infiltrate the eyes to help clean the eyeballs. Keep on renewing. You will find that the eyes become bright and energetic.

  The right way to wash your face with salt water 1. First, you must wash your hands cleanly, because your hands are easy to stick to bacteria, dirty hands are not good for washing your face, so you must wash your hands before washing your face.

  2. Then, you can, first wash your face with a facial cleanser, depending on each person’s own situation.

  3. Then, after washing your face, while the skin is not dry, put an appropriate amount of fine salt on the palm of your hand and add 3-5 drops of water, and carefully stir the salt and water with your fingertips.

Use your fingers to soak the salt water from top to bottom, and do a ring-opening massage while rubbing, 3-5 times per massage.

  4. Finally, when the saltwater of the tuberculosis is completely dry and white powdery, rinse the face with warm water. This completes the washing process, and then proceeds to the normal skin care steps.

  Precautions for washing your face with salt water Apply salt with a salt water cosmetic application.

For oily skin, use salt and water alone. For dry skin, put a spoon of gypsum or weak oily massage cream in the left palm, add half a spoon of table salt and an appropriate amount of water. Be careful not to apply saline around the eyes.So as not to stain the eye and conjunctiva.

If the bladder has acne, do not use it, it will hurt!

  It can only be used twice a week, and very little at a time.

After washing, the skin will become dry, thin, and weakened against external pollution.

And remember, you must reduce it before you use it, you can’t wipe it directly at both ends.

  After washing your face, be sure to wash it thoroughly with water without residue.

Otherwise the salt stays on the skin surface and causes skin damage.

  In addition, it should be noted that when washing your face with saline, you must be careful not to get the saline into your eyes, so as not to cause eye and conjunctival damage.