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Tender tofu is usually melted at the entrance, so compared to general tofu, tender tofu is a more popular food.

And the famous snack Tofu Brain is made with tender tofu. Even in Japanese cuisine, tender tofu occupies an important part.

Therefore, the process of making tofu is different from the general method of making tofu.

If you like to eat tender tofu, don’t miss the introduction of how to make tender tofu.

1. How to make tofu brain tofu brain with tender tofu, white and soft, delicious, delicious and nutritious.

I like tofu tofu brain, but often I can’t find it.

So, I thought of a very simple method, that is, buy a box of very soft lactone tofu, add the seasoning and heat it.

If it is not heated, you can make cold dishes.

Material: 1 box of lactone tofu.

Seasoning: kelp, seaweed, shrimp skin, hemp sauce, chili oil, coriander, soy sauce, vinegar, leek flower, garlic, green onion, etc., you can choose several according to your preference.

Method: Put lactone tofu in a bowl and add the selected condiments.

Stir in a microwave oven at about 60 degrees.

Soy sauce, sesame oil, chicken essence are necessary, other alternatives.

2. Characteristics of tofu brain Tofu brain is a famous traditional Chinese snack. It is tofu flower, tofu. According to different tastes, the north loves salty food, while the south prefers sweetness. Some regions such as Sichuan also like spicy flavors.

Tofu brain and tofu are the intermediate products of tofu, and there is not much difference between them.

Tofu brain is the first to come out, it is soft and tender, it is difficult to pick it up with chopsticks, and it is necessary to use a spoon. When the tofu brain solidifies a little, it is tofu, which is smooth with the tofu brain.After being more solidified, tofu.

Although tofu brain is the same family as tofu, it is different.

Tofu is a solidified body, and tofu brain is a semi-solidified sap.

3, the common practice of tofu brain is very simple to make at home, only a little bit of glucose lactone (available in food additive stores).

Specifically, after boiling the soybean milk, add glucose lactone while it is hot, stir it a little with clean chopsticks, and then let it stand.

Soymilk can be made with a soymilk maker or bought.

If you are going to make two bowls of tofu brain, you can use a small handful of soybeans, soak them in advance, and mature the soybean milk with the soy milk mechanism. The amount of glucoside is about the same amount as a small fingernail.

It should be noted that when making tofu brain, never use stainless steel spoons and chopsticks, because stainless steel is sensitive to chloride ions, and the main component of brine is magnesium chloride.

After the tofu brain is made, you can add the seasoning according to your preference.

The nutritional effect of tofu brain How high is the nutritional value of tofu brain? It can be compared with milk. Its main nutrition is even milk.

The protein content of tofu brain is double that of milk, and the iron content is more than six times that of milk.

In addition, tofu brain also contains more than ten kinds of nutrients such as lecithin, low concentration, saponin, B vitamins, and vitamin E.

Although the calcium in tofu brain is lower than milk, its absorption rate is much higher than milk. In addition, the price of tofu brain is cheaper than milk. Therefore, from top to milk, tofu brain is definitely a cheap and good nutritional food.

Tofu brain is a nutritious health food, it has the effect of nourishing and clearing heat, regular consumption of tonifying and nourishing qi, clearing away heat and nourishing yin, refreshing and quenching thirst, and regulating the benefits of stomach.

Because tofu is flat-headed, it is suitable for people with a hot constitution, which can help prevent bad breath and gastrointestinal disorders.

Studies have shown that in addition to supplementing nutrition and promoting digestion, tofu brain can also help the development of the body’s bones and teeth, and in terms of hematopoietic, it can promote the content of iron in the blood.

The benefits of eating tofu brain also help to suppress cancers such as prostate cancer, prostate cancer and blood cancer, because tofu brain contains anti-cancer ingredients such as steroids, stigmasterol.