The key is attitude!Two boxes of cigarettes are nothing,But the important thing is Shen Ruoxi’s attitude,Qin Liang got great psychological satisfaction,Face and pride。
For Shen Ruoxi,This is definitely an improvement!Because she really intends to listen to the advice of some good girlfriends this time,Actively change his attitude towards Qin Liang。
What made her make this determination,It’s the mission that came out this time,She saw the two lonely dead bodies in the dark tunnel with her own eyes,Only after touching the scene did I really have the determination to change myself!Women’s associations are very rich,Shen Ruoxi thought of Qin Liang from the two bodies,Listening to others before and seeing it with my own eyes are completely different effects……
“See how nice your wife treats you。”
After Shen Ruoxi finished speaking,Song Min hasn’t forgotten to play a side drum。
“That is that is,I remember the kindness my wife treated me。”
Qin Liang answered with a wry smile。
“I hear you saying that you are mocking me,Because i know:Actually, I have treated you very often,The fingers of one hand can count。”
Shen Ruoxi said mockingly。
Qin Liang was instantly embarrassed,This has its own hacking!How to answer this!
“Shen Ruoxi,If you like to dismantle your own station so much,Then I can’t speak for you。”