“puff……fart!You and me fall in love,Then you call me mom‘sister’?Do you think it is suitable?What do you think you?”
Fluttershy said,Then he took Qin Liang’s dishonest hand,Removed from his chest。
“As long as your mother is happy,Whether it is suitable or not。”
Qin Liang continues to argue。
“Do you think my father will be happy??Looking back, you married her daughter as a wife,Then you call him brother-in-law?”
Xiaodie seriously entangled Qin Liang。
“amount……It seems to be uncomfortable!Your mother might be happy,But your dad probably wants to beat me……”
Qin Liang pretended to just want to understand this matter and said。
“cut,Don’t talk about my dad,I want to beat you up。”
Xiaodie proudly said。
“will not,You won’t hit me,You can’t bear。”
Qin Liang said happily。
“Shui said I can’t bear to hit you?”
Fluttershy finished,Really reached out and slapped Qin Liang’s face lightly。
“I have a hasty!You dare to hit me!”
Qin Liang finished viciously,Lowered his head and took a bite on Xiaodie’s body……