Without Duncan’s main defense,Shen Huan alone can beat him。
Duncan was gone at the beginning of the second quarter,Shen Huan’s breakthrough and shooting are getting sharper。
Whether it is Aldridge,Danny Green,Can’t stop Shen Huan。
Borusdio is even more pitiful,6I was deducted by Shen Huan within minutes2Times,I hit it again,Every matchup with Shen Huan fails,So scared that he turned pale,Seeing Shen Huan trembling a little。
Attack,Shen Huan also played his power in defense。
At this time everyone knows,How great are Duncan and Ginobili just now。
Shen Huan before the second quarter6Steal in minutes3Times,Also caught the backboard7A,In addition5Aldridge doubts life。
Aldridge is also an unbeliever。
Since Shen Huan has blocked everyone,He always came over at Shen Huan,Never pass and avoid。
This allowed Shen Huan to demonstrate his defensive comprehensiveness well.,The audience was hooked。
The audience is really enjoyable,But Popovich can’t bear it。
because6Minutes later,The score on the field has become45Minute:29Minute。
The Lakers played one13:2Xiao Gaochao!
Shen Huan with professional basketball,That’s the cowhide!!
no way,He can only send Duncan and Ginobili,Continue to put pressure on Shen Huan。
But at this time the momentum of the Lakers has been played out,Kobe, who replaced Iverson,When Shen Huan was tightly guarded,Repeatedly launched shock shots,In one breath5bingo3!