Cao Zhen was anxious when he saw this,If you don’t go back to Mo Xiaosheng, please,Mo Ziqin must take his skin off。
The voice fell off,He knelt on the ground with a puff。
“All right,I forgive you,Let’s go!”
When Mo Xiaosheng saw this, the evil anger in his heart also came out,Turn around and walk back,Then asked casually:“correct,Is it the second master Mo who called you over??”
“Is not,Is our old man,Our old lady is sick,I want to ask you to come over and take a look……”Sun Peijie hurried over and said。
“Grandma is sick?”Mo Xiaosheng thought of the kind face of the old lady of the Mo family,A sudden pain in my heart,Ran out immediately,Hurried back like flying。
Cao Chen was startled,Obviously, I didn’t expect Mo Xiaosheng to value the old lady so much,Can’t help but scold:“Fuck you little bastard,Dare to play Lao Tzu,I knew that the old lady was sick as soon as I came up!”
“Brother-in-law,Okay,No matter what you say,Let’s invite this kid back!”Sun Peijie said contentedly。
“You fucking stand up and talk, your back hurts!It’s not you who kneel down!”Cao Zhen angrily kicked Sun Peijie’s ass,Incomparably annoyed,“traitor!”
After Mo Xiaosheng ran back to the residence of Old Man Mo,Plunged in,Asked anxiously:“Where is the old lady?”
“inside!”Wife Mo Ziheng on the side quickly pointed inward。
After Mo Xiaosheng walked in quickly,I saw the bed was pale,The extremely weak old lady Mo,He suddenly felt like a needle,A named Lance rushed to Mrs. Mo’s,Shouted softly:“Grandma……”
Unexpectedly,The old lady Mo, who looked a little weak on the hospital bed, saw Mo Xiaosheng’s eyes suddenly burst out with an extremely excited light.,His face was suddenly red,Sit up with arms propped up。
Everyone can’t help being surprised,Just now when Mo Zizhen came over,The old lady is not so excited!
Xiao Manru and Huang Ma hurriedly helped the old lady sit up,Put the pillow behind her,Let her lean on。
“Niche,fast,Come grandma here!”
Mrs. Mo immediately rushed to Mo Xiaosheng and stretched out her hands,With an excited smile on his face,Signal Mo Xiaosheng to go over。
Mo Xiaosheng saw the kind look on her face,My heart feels so warm,Hurriedly walked over and squatted beside her。