“Lingjing said……Senior, http://www.discussky.cn you don’t let others into the yard……”
After Jingpu heard,Smiled helplessly:
“You are not someone else,come in。”
Jingpu said that,Mainly those days,Lingjing and Liechun carry hoes every day to find the ground,Jingpu just planted the seeds in the backyard,Jingpu is afraid that these two people will come in,Planed my own backyard,So I said that very seriously。
After Jingpu’s words were said,Lingju, who was already flustered, seemed to be even more flustered,I was thinking about Jingpu’s sentence just now“You are not someone else”What exactly does that mean。
Seeing Lingju, Jingpu stood at the door and didn’t come in,Didn’t say anything,Immediately Jingpu went to lead the horse,Explain clearly to Lingju when you are on the road。
Half a minute later,Jingpu came out with that imposing dragon horse,Jingpu found this dragon horse,More http://www.cfchateau.cn and more like a dragon,do not know when,There are dragon whiskers next to the nose。
And that Lingju who didn’t know what he was thinking,After http://www.cqfjy.cn seeing this dragon horse,Was immediately attracted。
Yes……Yuan Beast……Do not……Already about to become a spirit beast!
There are basically five types of mounts for immortal cultivators in the next mainland.,One is the most common,Like the jade horse of Sword Sect,Is the most common。
And up there is the Yuan Beast,Only elders of the martial art are qualified to ride this mount,On the top is the spirit beast,This is the patriarch of the clan.。
On top is the holy beast and the fairy beast,Lingju’s father and master are holy beast mounts,As for the fairy,Only five people in the next mainland will have fairy beast mounts。
Lingju is not surprised that Jingpu has a mount that is about to become a spirit beast,After all, the strength of seniors,Even if it’s a fairy beast。