Even afraid that summer left hide,Shoulder and back back still,Continuous soul blood shot。
But he is not intentionally,Haha laughed,“All the brothers,Come to help,I can’t kill these multi-runes.。”
Roll your grandfather。
Do you think we are a fool?。
Do you think we don’t know if these rabbits are very fierce?。
‘inflammation’Hurry,Turn and turn to the jungle,Hearts with various magic’s crude mouth greeting summer。
“Ah, ah.……Rabbit。”
“Finish……”More than a dozen magic boy has changed color。
They have encountered rabbits before。
I thought it was very good.,Result‘inflammation’More than 50 people gathered,There are only a dozen……Run run……All like it is a ghost.,Don’t hesitate to turn。
at this time。
Everyone’s eyes。
They see a unable to describe,Serve from http://www.dlgjgf.cn yourself。
Neck,Like a white,Several flash did not see the trace。
“Ha ha……Allocate,There is a period!”
People are gone,The sound left is just thinking of。
“Me%……¥#%#¥”include‘inflammation’All Mozi teenagers,All use the magic language to explode。
Even if they are straightforward,I know that I am already played.。
The other party has that fast speed,Before it is clearly capable,Biased。
This guy is definitely deliberately,absolute!Too special code is evil!“what……”A Mozi teenager was chased by a few winds.,Suddenly leave a blood flower,Shade,Interfered。
“team leader,help me……”‘inflammation’What dares to stay。
Gathering 50 Magic,There are only more than a dozen,Can you know the fierce of these rabbits?。
After the arduous,Also accompanied by rabbit groups‘Ah, ah.’Seepage,And the blade http://www.hjbyy.cn of the film。
“Wang Wei!I will kill you.——”‘inflammation’The eyes are red,Hateful。
……the other side,Summer shape constantly disilled the flash。
“Ha ha。”
His mood is very happy。
Not due to retaliation‘inflammation’。