4 tricks for boys to learn to treat others

Recommendation 1: Sincerity is the core etiquette and habit of dealing with people. Without sincerity and respect, it is meaningless.

For example, the boy said to someone, “I am very happy for your arrival.

“But with a displeased expression, the sincerity of this statement was greatly reduced.

In addition to teaching the boy etiquette, the more important thing is for him to implement etiquette with sincerity.

  Only when the boy respects the guest or the host and has sincerity, can he make the other party feel happy and respected in his speech and behavior.

Respect and sincerity are the first to treat others. Without it, all etiquette becomes hypocritical.

  Suggestion 2: Teach the boy a full set of etiquette and etiquette is a complete etiquette, from the guest to the arrival or departure, or from the host to the departure, each has certain requirements.

Moms can do intensive education for boys over and over again by doing role games and storytelling.

The boy is well acquainted with the details of the overall etiquette and can apply it freely in practice.

  Suggestion 3: Start with the daily infiltration to treat people, that is, some small etiquette details between the host and the guest. The more the boy knows, the more corrections, the better.

The mother must observe carefully, and once he finds that the boy is rude, he should help the boy to correct it at the appropriate time.

  Zhao Dong and his mother went to visit Aunt Wang’s house and walked to the door of Aunt Zhao’s house. Zhao Dong rushed in directly.

Mother hurriedly greeted and said hello to Aunt Wang.

Zhao Dong went straight to the game console and didn’t even say hello. It was the last time he came to play and remembered it for a long time.

At home in the evening, my mother said to him, “Next time you go, knock on the door first, don’t rush in, and ask your aunt’s permission to play the game.

“Mom said,” This is a courtesy. If you can’t follow it, I won’t take you next time.

Zhao Dong nodded after hearing.

  Treating people is just some small details, and mother’s education should start from the details.

Don’t ignore any details, find one to correct one, and gradually, the boy will become a “little gentleman”.

  Suggestion 4: Take the boy away with relatives and friends, and entertain friends and friends at home. Boys should have more practical experience in life.

Whenever there is a chance, the mother should bring the boy with her friends and relatives.

Boys learn how to be guests from their parents.

Everything, mother can invite friends to play at home, so that boys have more experience as little masters.

  Tao Qiang’s mother looked at the weekend and invited several colleagues to bring her children to play at home.

Tao Qiang is responsible for preparing toys and game content.

As soon as the colleagues’ children arrived, Tao Qiang immediately mingled with them.

Tintin was thirsty, Tao Qiang immediately went to prepare a drink; Xiaohua wanted to play with a doll, and he found it immediately.

Tao Qiang’s little master experience was also cultivated in actual combat.

  Dealing with people is not just talking on paper. In the occasion of interaction, various problems are constantly emerging. Only with more practice can boys practice their skill in dealing with people.

The mother should provide more practical opportunities for the boy, so that the son learns to be a guest and also a master.