Eight puzzling psychological puzzles

Men are more coquettish than women. The survey found that men spoiled at home more often than their wives.

  Men have always played a strong role and are under tremendous psychological pressure.

But in essence, men have the same fragile side as women.

  Psychologists believe that careers are often the capital on which men coquettish.

They have a sense of confusion about gains and losses, and a growing fear of death, which gradually rises to anxiety, leading to endocrine disorders.

At this time, they coquettishly like children, so that women understand his pains.

  Lying “master” brain “blame” psychologist, Adrian Lane of the University of Southern California, said, “Some people’s brain structure makes them better at lying than ordinary people, these people until they carry out lying-related scrutiny and calculations.
According to Lane, the prefrontal cortex of the liar’s brain has richer white matter.

White matter is a kind of white nerve tissue. When lying, these tissues are very active, but the other substance in the brain of the liar-gray matter is relatively opposite.

Too much white matter and expected gray matter make some people great liars.

This is the first time that a scientist has discovered a biological difference between a liar and an ordinary person.

  A recent study shows that lovers can find their spouses in two steps. The first layer is to choose people with similar facial features to the first layer. The second layer is also the most important layer. It is to filter out different odors.people.

Therefore, scientists believe that not only is the beauty in the eyes of a lover, but the nose can also help you find the “lover” in your heart.

  The research was led by Craig Roberts of the University of Liverpool.

The researchers recruited 92 female volunteers and 75 male volunteers.

  The researchers then asked female volunteers to smell the clothes of several male volunteers and select their favorite taste.

The results show that women are willing to choose men who are different from themselves in terms of smell.

  Craig Roberts and his colleagues believe that scent differences can fundamentally eliminate the danger of inbreeding and also benefit eugenics.

  Eat bananas in a bad mood. German nutrition psychologists have found that happy mood is related to a substance called serotonin in the brain, and bananas contain this substance that helps the brain to produce serotonin, which can not only transform people.Your mood becomes cheerful and peaceful, which can even reduce pain and greatly reduce the hormones that cause people’s mood.

  Therefore, manic and depression patients and other people who are in a bad mood should eat more bananas in order to make the brain produce enough serotonin, so as to relieve its pessimistic depression, and even make the bad mood disappear naturally.

  The flattery became the new line’s sincere and appropriate praise to others, just like the wonderful voice in heaven, extremely sweet.

On a bustling street in Tokyo, 25-year-old Koyama Yu and 23-year-old Mizuno opened their tools: a big notice (it says flattery house, one hundred yen per minute), a bright red undershirt (indicating that they areProfessional flatter) and a cheeky, Koyama asked the crowd: “Have you been flattered and flattered recently?

“Mizuno went on to say,” Feel your hidden charm and indulge yourself.

“A female student named Lin Miaozi walked quietly and declared that she would give it a try. Koyama and Mizuno immediately entered the role, comparing Taeko to a famous Japanese rock star, praising her for her extraordinary fashion sense.Tell her that she is fascinated by people.

  One of them asked: “Your eyes are as beautiful as diamonds. How many carats are there?

“The two young men, Koyama and Mizuno, have sensitive reactions, just the right compliments, a little irony or playfulness, and the endless praise, so they quickly attracted a group of people, so they started the first class.Compliments, business is extremely hot.

  Koyama and Mizuno said that once they got inspired when they went to a vocational school, they started to arm the profession, and the two of them felt something in common.

That is, despite receiving a college education, they can’t find a satisfactory job. Both of them have an optimistic spirit and like to make others happy.

At the same time, their partners even felt unhappy even if they had a job, and the pressure of work was also great. Since the so-called winners have such a great pressure, Koyama and Mizuno felt that they should do something to improve their morale, so they were establishedFlattery compliments the company.

  A “parent-child survey” of parents facing a credit crisis shows that more than 80% of parents believe that they are trustworthy of their children; and more than 95% of children believe that parents often fail to fulfill their commitments.

  Experts believe that if parents often fail to keep their promises, they will make children think that they are not accepted by parents, lack sufficient trust in parents, and the desire to communicate will naturally decrease. This is also an aspect of family problems.

  Scolding his wife is also domestic violence. In the UK, domestic violence cases account for about a quarter of the total number of violent crimes in the UK.

  British royal lawyer Cherie Bouchang suggested that domestic violence is almost physical violence, including mental and economic violence, and many women have almost lost their self-confidence because of their husbands.

“If the husband scolds his wife for being ugly all day, his wife’s mental health is seriously damaged, which also constitutes the consequences of domestic violence.

“Employees who belong to the middle-to-high-income class are more likely to be vacant, and their sense of achievement is lower than that of the low-end income group.

  For this phenomenon, psychologists believe that many middle- and higher-income office workers, after solving the problem of survival, happiness did not last long, and soon surrounded the deeper substitution.

When struggling for survival, material is the best motivating factor; when the problem of survival is solved, material retreats, and the need for security, love, belonging, and respect takes up most of the area.

Now social evaluation criteria for one’s success are becoming more and more materialized. The purpose of people’s hard work is to meet material needs. Once the material needs are met, other needs are found to be unsatisfied, and a sense of emptiness follows, to find their sense of value., A sense of accomplishment.