The longest in the year: Beijing’s capital flowed into these stocks on the 11th and the quarterly report increased by more than 50%

Original title: Longest in the year!

Beijing’s capital inflows for the 11th consecutive day have been increased by more than 50% in the three quarters. Source: Data Bank Zhang Juanjuan. From August 29 to the present, Beijing’s capital inflows totaled 460 for the 11th consecutive day.

03 trillion, the longest net inflow during the year.

Hengli Hydraulics, Anhui Construction Engineering, Linyang Energy and other 6 shares have been increased positions for 11 consecutive days.

  The net inflow of funds from Kitakami for the 11th consecutive day has recently accelerated the internationalization of A shares. The former S & P Dow Jones index was divided by the A shares, followed by QFII and RQFII.

Stimulated by various news, Beijing’s capital, known as “smart foreign”, has also attracted much attention recently.

Securities Times and DataBao statistics show that since August 29, the capital of Kitakami has been in a net inflow for 11 consecutive days, and the number of consecutive inflow days has reached a new high in the year.

  Nearly 60% of the industry’s shareholdings have been increased by more than 5%. According to statistics, since the last 11 trading days, 24 Shenwan Tier 1 industries have increased their positions, of which 16 industries have increased their shareholdings.Over 5%, accounting for nearly 60%.

  Specifically, the latest number of shares in the mining industry totaled 12.

6.9 billion yuan, the largest increase, more than 19%; followed by mechanical equipment, electrical equipment industry, the increase of more than 15%; in addition, banks, non-ferrous metals and construction materials and other 4 industry shares increased by more than 10%.

  Absolutely, leisure services, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and comprehensive, the latest number of shares held by the computer industry is around August 28.

Among them, the lightening of the leisure service industry contracted, exceeding 2%.

It is not difficult to find that traditional industries have recently received a lot of attention from funds.

This is mainly due to the deviation of the estimated levels of these industries, and there has been no excessive expansion in the previous period.

  6 stocks were added for 11 consecutive days From the 南京夜生活网 perspective of changes in shareholding ratio, 6 stocks were added for 11 consecutive days, including Hengli Hydraulics, Anhui Construction Engineering, Linyang Energy, etc.

Compared with the benchmark before the 11th, Hengli Hydraulics has increased a number of significant positions, and the latest proportion of tradable shares has reached 8.

75%, an increase of 1 from 11 days ago.

43 digits; followed by Anhui Construction Engineering, the shareholding ratio increased by 0.

89 averages.

In addition, Linyang Energy and Tiandi Technology both increased by 0.

5 or more.

  It is worth mentioning that Minsheng Bank is the only bank stock among these six shares. With the pursuit of funds, it has been growing continuously since August 29.

83% outperformed the market.

Nanshan Aluminum also gained positions in the 11th 合肥夜网 consecutive day, but since August 29, it has underperformed the market slightly.

In addition, Yunnan Baiyao is the only one of the more than 1,000 mainland stocks that have passed the standard to be held for 11 consecutive days. The latest shareholding has been reduced by 1 compared with the previous 11 days.

28 averages.

  21 stocks have been added and the net profit in the first three quarters has increased by more than 50%. From the perspective of individual stocks, in the past 11 trading days, a total of 42 stocks have been listed in the top ten active stocks, and 27 stocks have been net bought.

A total of 6 stocks with a net purchase amount exceeding 1 billion, of which Ping An of China, China Merchants Bank and Gree Electric have been active for 11 consecutive days, with net purchase amounts of 36.

4.7 billion, 31.

5.9 billion and 24.

100 million yuan.

Conch Cement, Industrial Bank, and Hikvision also had net purchases exceeding 500 million.

  In terms of net sales, Yunnan Baiyao, Wuliangye and China National Travel Service ranked among the top three net sellers, with net sales amounts of 4.

500 million, 3.

9.9 billion and above 3.

7.7 billion yuan.

  From the overall situation, compared with the benchmark on August 28, the latest 841 shares have increased.

Among them, there are 16 single stocks and over one single stock, and Gujia Household’s shareholding ratio has increased by 4.42 digits ranked first; followed by Weir shares in the electronics industry, the latest shareholding increased by 2 compared to August 28.

One single, the company’s main semiconductor discrete devices, power management ICs and other semiconductor research and development design, since August 29 has been rising by as much as 20.


  Under the label, Antu Bio, Juguang Technology, and Yuetai Co., Ltd. all have more than 2 units to lighten up.

Zheng Coal Machinery, Xinhuanet, Fuling mustard and other stocks were also lightened by more than one.

  In terms of consolidated results, while the latest shareholding of the 21 shares increased from August 28, the three quarterly report is expected to be profitable, and the lower limit of net profit growth exceeds 50%.

Specifically, Langxin Technology obtained a small increase in capital from the northbound capital, and the third quarterly report estimates the lower limit of net profit.

USD 5.8 billion, an annual growth rate of over 23 times, ranking first.

US Jim, Zhejiang Yongqiang, AVIC Heavy Machinery, Antai Technology and other five shares continued to increase by 0.

More than 1 digit, and the lower limit of the net profit increase in the three quarters is more than 2 times.

  In terms of market performance, since August 29, the Shanghai Index has gradually increased4.

Only 45% of the above 21 stocks have declined, and 13 stocks have outperformed the market.

Hudian shares, Langxin Technology, and Gaode Infrared ranked among the top three gainers, with breakthrough gains of more than 17%. Yiwei Lithium Energy and AVIC Heavy Machinery all had gains of more than 10%.