To avoid unnecessary danger,Qin Liang did not reveal that Xiao Yuer had found her own home,And have been reunited with her uncle and aunt to Li Hai。
“What’s your career?Policemen?”
Li Hai instinctively asked。
“I am not a policeman,I am from the special forces。”
Qin Liang answered Li Hai’s question seriously,He knew that Li Hai asked these words,Should be out of concern for Xiao Yuer,That’s why he answered。
“Oh,Then I know Xiao Yuer’s safety is guaranteed。”
Li Hai nodded and answered。
“You only now know that you care about this girl whose family was ruined by you?Don’t you think it’s too late?”
Meizi said disdainfully。
“Man will die,Good words。I just want to,A ransom for the sin I committed against her,What do you think of me,I actually don’t care。”
Li Hai shook his head and said。
“Don’t be hypocritical,You don’t forget,if not you,Will she be a lonely girl?She originally had her own happy family,Have a happy life of your own,Youai she loves her biological parents!And precisely because of you,She lost it all!”
Mei Zi said sternly。
“Not bad,you’re right,I really took everything from her,But in the past ten years,I have always been nice to her,You can ask her if you don’t believe me,As long as she wants,I have never met her unconditionally……”
Li Hai tried to defend himself with irrational words。
“Pooh!You still have the face to say?They have their own parents who are in love,Need you to treat her well?”
Meizi scolded unceremoniously!