Like a game of cat and mouse。
And in this cat and mouse contest between Hu Lai and Wu Xiaodong,Obviously Hu Lai had the last laugh。
He rushed forward,Resolutely insert to the middle of the door,Naturally, Wu Xiaodong thinks that Hu Lai will wait to meet his teammates in the middle.。
How can I think of when Wu Xiaodong turned his attention to football development,Hu Lai suddenly stopped and changed direction,Successfully used Wu Xiaodong’s blind spot of perspective,Then flash to the previous point,Catch and shoot,Completed the score。
Don’t talk about Wu Xiaodong,Even if you almost have“God’s perspective”Audience,When Hu Lai shot forward suddenly,Not many people didn’t notice him。
When they notice him,It’s too late,Hu Lai has run to the corner flag area of the stadium,Jump up and celebrate the goal with his signature celebration……
“incredible!Dongchuan Middle School scored a goal in one counterattack!The game only started for 18 minutes,Dongchuan Middle School took the lead!Hu Lai used his first shot of the game to finish scoring!And before this goal,Obviously Qingyang No. 1 Gaoguin dominates!”
The exclamation of the understanding speaker came from the external speaker of the mobile phone。
And at this table,The Dawn High School players who watched the game looked at each other.。
Is not……Is Qingyang-Gaoguin dominant??How did Dongchuan Middle School’s offense after a backcourt steal a goal??
And it was Hu Lai’s first shot in this game?
Scored the first shot?!