Liu Xiaoyun immediately understood what was going on,Her heart beat faster;Policemen,In her heart has always been a sacred profession that is out of reach,But she never imagined that she would have anything to do with this profession。
“Xiaoyun,You have been specially recruited into our police force,From now on,You are the special police of our city’s criminal police team,This is the new police uniform sent to you,Your police rank is under application,I will send it to you later,correct,And weapons。”
Yang Shiyun explained patiently。
Liu Xiaoyun is so happy,So excited。
“Xiaoyun,fast,Put it on and show us!Hurry up hurry up!”
Shen Ruoxue can’t wait to say。
“Yes!Hurry up and show us!”
The girls immediately gathered around,Chirping。
“please do not……”
Liu Xiaoyun is embarrassed,Obviously, I really want to put on this new police uniform immediately and see how I look like,But still pretending to refuse。
“Don’t ink,You quickly put it on and show us all,If you don’t change,Let’s take your clothes off together!”
Yang Shiyun said jokingly。
“Xiaoyun,Hurry up,I really want to see how you look in a police uniform!”