Saw James Harden leave,He doesn’t want to pursue it anymore。
The result is a glance,James Harden,Actually still laughing,An unscrupulous look,This makes him very annoyed。
How does a referee’s authority on the court come from?
Is that he can make people afraid,Let people know that their law enforcement standards are fair and strict。
If you are provoked by players,Can’t respond quickly,Then the referee has no authority,Will not be seen by the players,Will be considered uncontrollable by the alliance。
This to his career,But a huge blow。
then,The referee is angry,Straight away the crowd,Rush forward,Blew one to James HardenT。
“right now,You give me out!”The referee pointed out loudly。
James Harden and the Rockets players are dumbfounded。
“Do not……Haha……You can’t……Hahaha……”
“Please,Mr,Maybe James is sick!He doesn’t do that。”
“Mr,Are you helping the Lakers like this??”
“No,Mr,Give him a chance!!”
This time,Not just players on the Rockets,Even the bench players and the head coach are surrounded,Begging to give James Harden another chance。