Tang Chen said helplessly,Why do you need his comfort in turn?
“Good good,Eat meat today!”
Tang Hao carried the prey,I feel a lot lighter。
Tang San also smiled,Change often occurs from a small place。
Saint Soul Village Blacksmith Shop,This is Tang Chen’s current home。
It’s a simple house made of wooden blocks,The area is large because of the iron strike。
Sign hanging at the door,There are prices for building various farm tools。
Compared to the smithy in the city,It’s cheap here。
The moon has risen,Originally this time,There are always iron strikes in the house。
Because Tang Hao is drunk and dreaming during the day,Strikes iron at night to forget sorrow。
But today is different,The chimney on the roof has been smoky。
The house is also fun,Tang Hao’s rare cooking and burning a whole wild boar。
Bone stew,Fatty Stir-Fry,The main body came to a full roast,Looks quite attractive。
Tang Hao broke the world,I poured a glass of ale for the two and said。
“Chener,Why go to the forest?”
Tang Chen suddenly put down his chopsticks,A grim reply。