Tang Hongxu touched his swollen face,I looked at Mo Xiaosheng with a little fear,Then turned back and shouted:“Security guard!Security guard!”
After a while, three security guards in uniform ran over,I have to run to the frame,But Mo Xiaosheng grabbed their arms,Smiled:“Don’t worry,Housework,Housework only!”
“You let go!”
The three security guards shouted angrily,Struggling hard,Flushed,Found that the arms of the three of them seemed to be clamped by pliers,No matter how much they earn, they can’t earn it。
Zhuge Lingyu、Holly vs. Winter’s beautiful women’s mixed doubles has come to an end,Dongxiu’s beautiful velvet red dress is covered with off-white dirt,The necklace on my neck was also torn off,Messy hair,Both blushes are like monkey buttocks,One of the false eyelashes was also knocked off,Look big and small,Funny。
After the onlookers noticed the movement here,I won’t go to the event on the stand anymore,I looked over here with interest,After seeing Dong Xiumei’s appearance, I leaned forward and closed with a smile。
Dongxiu’s beautiful lungs are about to explode,I got up from the ground and the shoes were also trampled off,Pointing at Zhuge Lingyu and Dongqing with bare feet and cursing:“You two bastards, wait,The deputy mayor of Beijing is about to come over and cut the ribbon for us,See if he doesn’t ask the police to arrest you,Put you in jail!”
Zhuge Lingyu and Dongqing couldn’t help changing their faces when they heard the name of the deputy mayor,Seems to be a little afraid。
Mo Xiaosheng can’t help but frown,Hurriedly said:“Nothing,mom,Just slapped a few times,Nothing big。”
Although he said so,But I started to figure out who to help,He is more familiar with the calculations in Beijing,And have a certain influence,There are only Li Qianhui and Li Zhenbei,So if it’s too troublesome for a while,He can only ask Li family father and son for help。
“And your little bunny,You wait,Do you dare to beat my son,You can’t run!”Dong Xiumi looked at Mo Xiaosheng and gritted her teeth with hatred,Mo Xiaosheng still has a grudge at the last jewelry tasting meeting for stealing their family limelight.。