“indeed,This will be a fierce game,Fans in front of the TV can enjoy the league championship battle!”
Kobe Watches Jordan,The system’s capability query function is enabled。
“system,View Michael Jordan abilities。”
“The host uses the ability to view the function of Michael Jordan,Successfully used。”
“Michael Jordan,basketball player,Location matchPG100%,SG100%,SF100%,PF80%,C80%。”
“physical fitnessS,Layup skillsS+,Dunk skillsS+,CIC skillsS+,Three point techniqueB-,Ball control skillsS,Organizational skillsA+,Defensive skillsS+。”
“Current body state,Full of energy,Very low risk of injury。”
“Ability is used up,Cooling time7day。”
Worthy of being the first person in history,God of Basketball。33Year old Jordan is currently6ASLevel ability,4AS+Level scoring skills。Jordan’s physical fitness has declined,If you are a few years younger, your physical fitness must be the sameS+level!
Even if it is down slightly,His physical fitness is also better than penny and hill!
Just look at the data,One-to-one,At present, Jordan’s offensive and defensive ends are unsolvable.!
But basketball is not a solo bullfight,Not a data game。
Kobe always believes,Basketball is round。
Anything can happen,This is the charm of basketball。
The referee blew the whistle for the start of the game。
Basketball was thrown high,O’Neill rises into the sky,Racket to the Lakers。
“Be careful!”Jordan shouted。